WhatsApp, revolution on the cancellation of messages: it will be forever

Important news on the message front for WhatsApp, which promised to make the feature for deleting content more effective.

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When it comes to privacy Whatsapp always try to be very attentive to the updates released, especially after the last few months. In fact, recently many users have complained about the new policies of the app, for which the latter tries to run for cover by adjusting the shot where possible. In these hours in fact she went back to talking about deleting messages, promising much more effective options than the current ones.

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WhatsApp: deleting messages will be completely different

Whatsapp [Fonte Paxabay]

Have you ever sent a message and then wanted to delete it after several hours? Let’s take an even more practical example: a user may have posted something on Whatsapp in the evening only to realize that he made a mistake the next morning. To date, it is not possible to delete the message for everyone after more than 1 hour and 8 minutes, let alone if the error was noticed much later.

In these hours though WhatsApp announced, via WABetaInfo to be at work to change this time frame. A news that had actually already been spread in the previous weeks, when there was talk of an extension to about 7 days and 8 minutes. It is news today, however, that even this limit has been changed by the developers of the Meta group – the new name given to the company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

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In fact, according to the information released on the WABetaInfo website, today the group has decided to remove all cancellation limits; in short, it will also be possible to delete messages that date back to a month earlier. But is this news really as important as it seems? In fact, we cannot forget that, after a certain time limit, the recipient may have read the message.

Nor is it a great privacy revolution in hindsight. In fact, if one can think that, despite having read it, It is important to know that the recipient no longer has a trace of the message in the conversation, on the other hand we should think that WhatsApp has not yet blocked the possibility of making screens. For this reason, it cannot be excluded that the recipient may still have a copy of the message.

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