WhatsApp: stickers can now be created and customized! Here’s how to do it

WhatsApp introduces Sticker Maker: the tool that will allow all users to customize stickers to be included in chats by creating them ad hoc directly within the messaging platform in the web version. A novelty that could already normally be done from mobile with some applications but which now lands on the web app version and in a few weeks also on the desktop version in an integrated and native way.Let’s see how it works and how you can create custom stickers.

WhatsApp: here’s how to create custom stickers

Using WhatsApp Sticker Maker within WhatsApp web is really simple: select the paperclip icon and then, in the list that appears, select the stickers icon that is the penultimate from the bottom. From here the screen opens that allows you to choose an image stored on your device or computer from which you can start creating your own personalized sticker.

At this point, once the image is uploaded online, you can do whatever you want with it: you can rotate it, you can modify it, you can draw an outline around the subject to cut it out and use it in another way, eliminate the background or parts of the image you don’t want. The user can also use emojis, text and even other stickers to overlap to create a completely original and personal sticker. The final sticker will have a traditional square shape and can then be sent by clicking on the message icon at the bottom right. The sticker will also be saved in your recent personal stickers in case you want to forward.

The new WhatsApp Sticker Maker is expected to debut on the WhatsApp web within the next week and will also be made available for Mac computers and Windows PCs.

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