WhatsApp, we tell you how you can stop appearing online

One of the platforms instant messaging most used every day by millions of people is WhatsApp. Whether it is to resolve personal, work or school matters, it is one of the media faster.

The advantages offered by this platform are many, one of them is that automatically update constantly, so new features and tools are added from time to time.

WhatsApp, we tell you how you can stop appearing online. Photo: Reform

How to stop appearing online

But just as this platform has advantages, it also has some disadvantages, such as, for example, that users appear online every time they are viewing or replying to a message. If in your case you want to stop showing yourself online, we tell you how to do it.

  • Enter the settings of your cell phone, whether it is iPhone or Android, activate the “Airplane Mode” option.
  • Enter WhatsApp and reply to the message you want, in this way you will avoid the word “writing” and “online” appearing.
  • When you’re done, close the app.
  • Go back to the settings and deactivate the “Airplane Mode” of your cell phone.
  • When you are connected to the internet again, your message will be sent automatically without having to open WhatsApp.

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Another option is to reply to messages from notifications, which means that when you receive a message, instead of opening WhatsApp, just scroll down and a text box will appear from which you can follow the conversation without having to enter to the app and show everyone you’re online.

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In this way you can prevent other people from knowing when you are online, without having to download applications that endanger your personal data. Remember that for this to work, you must not have pending updates.

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