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In recent times we have been talking about the culture of cancellation and how it gradually begins to permeate the film and television industry. Because, perhaps unlike other times, today the ghost of cancellation is very strong, and the constant noise in networks that is generated by consumers is very strong.

Part of the birth of cancel culture is tied in large part to fourth wave feminism.that is, how different organizations were created worldwide that, in addition to giving voice to the injustices that femininities experienced, between 2015 and 2018, such as Not one less in Argentinahe #MeToothe campaigns for abortion in all Latin America and the international women’s strikes on March 8, just to name a few, put on the agenda the need to start showing the female reality in another way.

Because I repeat: in addition to entertaining, movies and series collaborate in the construction of meaning. That is why it is important on screen to see the diversity that is part of the world we inhabit.

Now yes, let’s go to the title of this article in question. With all these social and cultural changes that we are having little by little, it is true that in order to comply with the agenda the industry began to err on the side of political correctness by offering empty or forced stories and characters as if the important thing was to mark in a list that they complied with what the public asks for.

In this desire to be politically correct, it is how large companies and producers begin to become executioners in the face of not only serious accusations, such as allegations of abuse, but to frivolize everything when perhaps the weight is certain unfortunate comments on social networks.

We have multiple examples of this and it is inevitable that the first that comes to mind is the situation of Johnny Deep and Amber Heard when in 2018 Through an article, the actress denounced having suffered violence, which ended not only in several defamation trials but also in Deep was removed from the franchises of which he was a part as Pirates of the Caribbean and fantastic animals. Why is this case emblematic? Because in 2012after the trial that the actor initiated against the actress for defamation, made everything reconsider when it came to light that Depp suffered domestic abuse.

Is the industry acting too fast to drive away Deep? This case is interesting because it was possible to show the opposite, but happens specifically with Disney who often makes decisions based on comments on networks and the anger of the fans.

An example was what happened with the actress Gina Carano, dune face in The Mandalorian. She was fired when she made anti-Semitic comments on social media. Are the comments okay? No, but unlike other times where blacklists are responsible for alienating those with sympathy for communism, Now we are facing a moment in which what happens on social networks becomes key in the careers of artists, screenwriters or any member of the audiovisual industry.. And the worst thing is that there is a very particular revisionism and, we should accept it, partial to other times, as happened with some films that are now considered classics.

The problem of this, of the fact that hollywood act only based on accusations or comments and dislikes in networks, downplay the matterespecially when perhaps what is reported are abuses or serious crimes that, based on this impetus to comply with the agenda, are discredited by the same industry that, we must recognize, depending on who is pointed at, is how the industry acts .

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