When and how to hear the new single from the artist’s musical comeback? single soon instagram social network

We’re starting the countdown to the musical comeback of the popular American singer; So here we tell you the details of the release of his new song.

In recent months, the popularity of Selena Gomez There has been rapid growth both nationally and internationally. Proof of this is his significant title as one of the most followed public figures Instagram Whole world.

Despite taking a break from the digital world, Selena remains one of them Most loved artist by the public, That’s why the announcement of his return created a big uproar. Next, we provide you everything Details of the premiere of his new song,

When and how to hear Selena Gomez’s new single?

countdown to Talented singer Selena Gomez returns to the music industry Get started now. And that in a day or two we will be able to get excited to hear its new release. “Single Soon”,

This return to the industry marks a new phase in his career; And to celebrate it with all his followers, he published on Instagram, several pictures of his next single.

Visuals of the new single by Selena Gomez. Photo: Instagram.

In this series of publications, the actress reveals His new song will be released on 25th August, So there is no harm in listening to a new musical hymn.

It is to be noted that the launch will take place on music platforms such as youtube And Spotify, In that sense, all you have to do is pay attention to its premieres to be one of the first to hear it.

Any clue on the lyrics of the song “Single Soon”? Photo: Instagram.

Apparently, the excitement has led many fans to theorize about a possible letter clues In one of the elements visible in the images. And this is in a post you can read: “I’m sorry, I can’t, don’t hate me”,

And thanks to that phrase, it is believed that Selena will once again explore a theme that comes up very frequently in her songs: Selfishness,

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