when arrogance kills prestige

The prestige of a journalist is, in the long run, the only thing left to him when he reaches the end of his career: no matter the fame, or the popularity, or the power, or the money that has been accumulated (there are great journalists from all walks of life who don’t make a fortune) that can be compared to that.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante leaving the Attorney General's offices in Mexico City.  (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

Gustavo Adolfo Infante leaving the offices of the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City. (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

The ethic of never becoming the news, but reporting it, is also an element of said prestige, but many times the attraction of celebrity is too strong to resist, and that is what is happening to Gustavo Adolfo Infante, becoming the subject of numerous controversies that have gathered and exploded in the media, now making him the object of scandals and dealing a serious blow to his professional image, not to mention the public one.

Infante has received fire everywhere: not only does he have a lawsuit against Alfredo Adame —no one can blame him there; the whole universe, it seems, brings it up against the former soap opera heartthrob and with good reason—he also had to accept the court ruling that reversed the sentence against Gabriela Spanic and granted a restraining order to the Venezuelan so that the commentator I can’t even mention it.

In addition to this, Sergio Mayer —another bird of the storms who really likes to give the note and never makes a camera or microphone ugly— now accuses him of gender violence, workplace harassment and influence peddling; and he is not the only one who has him in his sights: Infante himself said in his program that the host Rocío Sánchez Azuara would proceed to join the increasingly long line of personalities who want to take him to court —something that she has not even confirmed.

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This is due to the fact that Infante declared that if Sánchez Azuara now has a space in the corporate Image, for her new Talk Show ‘Rocío’, it is thanks to him —and not only her, she also assures that Laura Bozo, Talina Fernández and even her Program partner, Mónica Noguera owe her entrance to the chain. The driver pointed out that such a thing is not true, that she got there by her own efforts and that she went through a three-month trial and that at no time was she recommended by Infante.

Although now he has a bitter enmity with the fearsome Pati Chapoy. It was precisely under her protection that Infante began her career with her in 1984 on the newscast ‘El mundo del show’ on Televisa, when he had just graduated from the race and was a young reporter.

At that time, Infante had not developed the yellowish touch that he has been using lately, nor did he make insensitive and hurtful comments, which is the icing on the cake in these terrible days in which it has rained on the driver of “First hand ‘: The chain Imagen published a statement in which it makes clear and direct reference to the controversy he had with Mauricio Martínez, after his complaint of harassment against Antonio Berumen, the former manager of Magneto and Mercury.

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The statement that Mónica Noguera reproduced in full on her Instagram speaks clearly about the subject (a few days ago, Infante had to offer a public apology, which is becoming more and more frequent) and only adds to the long series of controversies that have been the creation of Infante himself, whose arrogance has attracted enemies left and right and is also generating a bad public image (the channel has already suspended ‘The minute that changed my destiny’, without giving any explanation), squandering what they are almost 40 years of professional prestige, for creating a bad reputation and lawsuits that make him the protagonist of notes, but at what price?


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