When do Fortnite OG seasons 7 and 8 start?

Fortnite OG is about to enter its next phase, but when exactly can players expect Season 7 to begin?

fortnite Players can relive the experience of Chapter 1 thanks to Season OG. During the month of November, players will be able to play the original again. fortnite map, and will be updated weekly to move from Season 5 to Season X. Items and named locations that were part of the game back then will gradually become available on the island.

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The OG Season began with the items and locations that were available during Season 5, but that time has passed and players are now reliving Season 6. Season 7 is coming very soon, and this guide will tell players exactly when they can wait for her to start.

When does Fortnite OG season 7 start?

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Epic Games added the Driftboard to fortnite in the previous content patch, and although this is a Chapter 1 Season 7 item, the game was still in its Season 6 equivalent stage. Players will have the opportunity to relive season 7 in fortnite November 16. Hotfix v27.10 will be available on Thursday and Players can expect the update to be available at 9 a.m. ET – daily mission renewal time.

Season 7 won’t be the only one returning; This Thursday, players will also be able to enjoy the content that was presented in fortnite back in season 8.

What to expect from seasons 7 and 8

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Season 7 will arrive in the second patch of fortnite OG Season; the former skipped Season 5 items to welcome Season 6. The upcoming Season 7 and 8 patch should bring a lot more to the table, not just because it’s removing items and points of interest from two seasons at a time. time, but also because it is adding an entire season. biome to the Season OG map.

Here’s what players can expect to be added and removed fortnite:



Named locations:

  • lazy links
  • Tomato Temple
  • Wailing Forest


  • double barrel shotgun
  • chiller trap

Named locations:

  • The block
  • happy village
  • icy flights
  • polar peak
  • lazy lagoon
  • sunny steps


  • flint gun
  • machine gun
  • Quad launcher
  • poison dart trap
  • Glider redeployment element
  • Buried treasure
  • X-4 Stormwing (aircraft)
  • pirate cannon



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