When does it premiere and where do I see Gaslit, the new series by Julia Roberts?

If we think about those actors that we all love and with whom we have a special connection, surely Julia Roberts is one of them. With charming characters like Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman or Julianne Potter in My Best Friend’s Wedding, there are also those who marked us forever like Erin Brockovich or Katherine Ann Watson in Mona Lisa’s smile.

Today with several projects already on the small screen (how can we forget his incredible Homecoming on Amazon!), now he surprises us again by being part of a series that takes place during one of the most important scandals in the history of the United States. Gaslit premieres this Sunday and we tell you what it is about.

Gaslit.  Photo courtesy of StarzPlay
Gaslit. Photo courtesy of StarzPlayHilary Bronwyn Gayle

Defined as a thriller politician, Gaslit promises to tell the B-side of the Watergate scandal. Focusing on Martha Mitchell, the wife of John Mitchell, Richard Nixon’s attorney general, we will see how she becomes the eye of the storm by denouncing that the president was personally involved in this conspiracy that culminated in a strong institutional crisis.

In addition to Julia Roberts, the cast of the series is made up of top-level actors: Sean Penn is John Mitchell, Dan Stevens is John Dean, Betty Filpin is Mo Dean, Shea Whigham is Gordon, and Darby Camp is Marty Mitchell..

Gaslit.  Photo courtesy of StarzPlay
Gaslit. Photo courtesy of StarzPlayHilary Bronwyn Gayle

Gaslit is an original production of Starz and in Latin America it can be seen through its application StarzPlay. Fiction premieres this Sunday, April 24, and new episodes will be released weekly.

On his official YouTube account, Starz shared both a teaser as the official preview. Here you can already see them:


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