When Google sends a message to Apple… with music by Drake

Google still wants to widely adopt the RCS standard. The Mountain View firm is taking advantage of the release of Drake’s song “Texts Go Green” to send a message to Apple, which still refuses to deploy the protocol.

The rivalry between Apple and Google isn’t just about Android and iOS. For years, the two giants have been struggling on the issue of messaging with two different philosophies. Apple very quickly knew how to distinguish itself on iPhone by leveraging its iMessage service while Google has multiplied the attempts; before focus on RCS. The Mountain View firm is campaigning for Rich Communication Services to replace SMS and try to promote it on Android (via Messages) or with operators. This new standard, ardently defended by Google, is however not the work of the American giant. It is developed by the GSM Association consortium and might be supported by Apple.

The firm of Cupertino, however, turns a deaf ear and doesn’t seem to want to change its tune. To the chagrin of Google which multiplies the attacks against Apple for many months. At the beginning of the year, the vice-president of Google publicly accused the Apple brand of preventing the industry from progressing by not supporting RCS. For the Wall Street Journal, the debate even goes beyond the two companies and it is a real “bubble war” that is agitating our societies. In addition to not wanting to opt for RCS, Apple creates a distinction between messages sent as iMessage or SMS/MMS. The former appear in bubbles of blue color while the latter appear in bubbles of green color.

A difference that, according to Google, promotes user harassment. Indeed, teenagers with an Android smartphone are entitled to a green color on the iPhone while young Apple users communicate in blue. A situation that would create tension in the discussions.

Google hijacks a Drake title to tackle Apple

Google returns to the charge about it and enjoy the release of Honestly, Nevermind, Drake’s new album. Among the new songs of the Canadian singer, we find Texts Go Green (The texts turn green) which directly reference to blue or green bubbles in iMessage. When a user on iPhone blocks a user from contacting them via iMessage, the messages automatically appear green and lose the benefits of Apple’s service. On Twitter, the official account ofAndroid hijacked the song to propose a “unofficial lyrics explanation video”.

Lasting 38 seconds, it takes up the beginning of Drake’s song for speaks directly to Apple using the voice of Google’s voice assistant. Here is Google’s message in its entirety : “The Android team thinks Drake’s new song ‘Texts Go Green’ is a hit. It refers to the phenomenon that occurs when an iPhone user is blocked. Or try texting someone who doesn’t have an iPhone. Either way, it’s pretty tough. If only a super talented team of engineers at Apple could solve this problem. Because it’s a problem that only Apple can solve. They just have to adopt RCS, actually. It would make texting safer too. I say it like that. Great track, though”.

Not sure if that’s enough change Apple’s mindbut the message got through.

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