When Johnny Depp saved Courtney Love’s life

As a Hollywood A-lister, Johnny Depp is anything but conventional. Where most dark-haired pinups found themselves leading romantic dramas, Depp was cut from a different cloth. Thanks to his eccentricity and clever eye for character acting, we’ve seen Depp play a swaggering, Keith Richards-inspired pirate, a man with scissors in his hands, and a madman in a ridiculous hat, among other zany characters .

Depp’s departure from the conference has also affected his personal life, which has seen as much drama as his professional life in recent years. Most memorably, Depp found himself in a serious PR battle in the spring of 2022 when his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard filed a defamation lawsuit against him.

During the trial, in which Depp emerged victorious, both sides of the case rallied support. Due to his high-ranking Hollywood status, Depp received a solid wall of support from fans and famous friends.

Among Depp’s fellow allies during the trial were Hole frontwoman and Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife, Courtney Love. The pair have been here since the 1990s. “I don’t have anything bad to say about Johnny Depp, ever,” Love explained. Guardian When asked about her relationship with the actor in 2006. “I think he’s very smart, he’s a fantastic actor, and he saved my life once.”

Speaking to a British publication in 2009, Love explained style magazine, “I was about to die on a few occasions (during a previous struggle with crack addiction). Johnny Depp gave me CPR once,” she recalls. “I was watching the movie where he plays Dillinger, and I was like, ‘Motherfucker, I never had any JD except CPR.’

More than a decade later, during Depp Vs. At the Heard trial, Love expressed sympathy for Heard despite his support of Depp. “I have been the most hated woman in America,” she said in a clip shared on her social media. “I was the most hated woman in the world before TikTok, and it’s really a lot of sympathy for Amber. Fuck you, buddy. Can you imagine how that feels? Jesus.”

“But if you use a movement for your personal gain, and you live in weird feminist intersectional spaces, and you abuse that moment, I hope justice is served, no matter what,” Love. addressed his disapproval of Heard’s actions.

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