When paying the car tax is a “mistake”

While it is true that every car owner has to pay for every year stamp, there are some situations in which the vehicle tax is not required to be paid even if formally requested.

The procedure error

Even a small mistake can cause the payment to skip: when does it happen? If a procedural error occurs within the tax bill that contains the details for the payment of the car tax: in this case it is canceled and the motorist to whom the vehicle is registered does not have to pay the ownership tax even if he should have done so like all car owners. In this particular case, the Revenue Agency is unable to notify the folder “if the taxpayer has not first received the tax assessment“It is a fundamental step for this type of payment which, if not respected, the owner of the vehicle can consider himself very lucky and not pay what is due.

What happens with the amount and interest

Another case does not happen too rarely in which those who work in the Revenue Agencies can “stumble”: as we read on Sicurauto, if the tax bill on the car tax contains the sum to be paid and the interests grouped in a single item accumulated for the delay, that folder is considered void and any payment reminders have no value and the car owner can consider them waste paper. Attention, because the cancellation of the car tax to be paid is not automatic but must be established by the Provincial Tax Commission with excellent chances of winning the case.

When the statute of limitations expires

As we have also dealt with in, the motorist has the possibility of using the term of prescription of the stamp, but this does not automatically mean that the deed is canceled. In any case, if the Tax Authority notifies the file after 3 years (terms established by law), the statute of limitations falls but, even if the motorist is no longer required to pay anything, it will still be necessary to make a “transfer” (appeal ) to the Tax Commission explaining that he is right and has the right not to pay the tax.

The reminder

When it comes to car tax, even one more or less day makes a difference on the prescription, as it should be. to pay. In this specific case, in addition to the example we saw earlier, the vehicle owner will not have to pay the tax “if the payment request is sent after 31 December of the third year following the one in which the passage to the cash desk was scheduled“. The payment of the car tax, in fact, follows a calendar of predetermined deadlines based on the type of vehicle, on the registration and on any changes of ownership that have been made. This is why, taking into account these factors, the car tax is pays annually before the last day of the month following the due date.

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