“When she loved me”: Sofía Telch sent a strong hint to her mother, Ninel Conde

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Ninel Count has been involved in various problems in recent years, after the legal problems with her ex-husband Larry Ramos and her problems with the father of her second child, John Medinanow it seems that he has difficulties with his eldest daughter, Sofia Telch.

Suddenly, various media such as TvyNovelas magazine, reported a possible Bad relationship between Ninel Conde and her eldest daughter, Sofía Telchwhom he procreated with the actor, Ari Telch, and who, after several years of living in the United States, is now living with her in Mexico.

After remarks that the 25 year olds leads a life of excesses that is bothering Ninel Conde, What caught the attention were some posts on his Instagram account.

On her Instagram Stories, the young woman published an image with her mother that he accompanied with the song “When someone loved me” from Toy Story, precisely in the verse: “when someone loved meI felt so happy”, which was immediately speculated was dedicated to his mother.

He also wrote a phrase that increased the rumors: “When a narcissist has lost control about yourself, try to control how others see you.”

Ninel Conde and Sofia Telch.

Does Sofía Telch have problems with Ninel Conde?

Not everything was in the first publication but later, Sofía Telch published a phrase by Stephanie Bennett-Henrry which media assured was dedicated to his mother:

“I’m sorry that you had to make me the villain of your story to stay in the light and keep viewers in the dark. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for you. I do not wish to clear my name in your fiction book. Paint what you need to paint of me so that the guilt doesn’t feel so heavy. I am light as a feather.”

Until now Ninel Countwho is working on the program imitation “Your face rings a bell” He has not given any statement in this regard.

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