When the 883s discarded Angelina Jolie for their Jolly Blu movie

There was a time when when a singer or a band was particularly successful, a movie was missing. Sometimes it happens even today. Going back over the years there are many famous examples, just think of Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Even in Italy we are not left behind, with Gianni Morandi, Adriano Celentano, Little Tony and Massimo Ranieri, just to name a few, who were also popular on the big screen in the 60s and 70s. A fate that happened at the end of the last century also to the 883s.

We are in 1998, Max Pezzali’s band is at the peak of success and arrives at the cinema with the film “Jolly Blu”. This is an opportunity to re-propose all the hits of 883, from “How come” to “They killed Spider-Man”. Nothing more. The film has an almost non-existent plot and is a resounding fiasco at the box office. But there is an anecdote that is worth telling. Because in “Jolly Blu” he could play a Hollywood star who instead is discarded at the time of the audition.

Angelina Jolie in 1998 is very young, she is just 23 years old. Seven years earlier she took part in Antonello Venditti’s video “Alta marea” shot in Los Angeles, she was chosen from among 200 girls. The director of the video clip is the same as “Jolly Blu”, Stefano Salvati. But when the famous actress shows up a few years later to star in the 883 film, as Max Pezzali will tell years later, she is discarded. According to the singer’s account, the casting director and director found Angelina Jolie too sexy for her role. She is preferred to Alessia Merz, our local showgirl with one year to her credit as a tissue of the news strip. From that refusal, Angelina Jolie’s career takes off. In fact, the following year she will star, together with Winona Ryder, in the film “Girls interrupted” which in 2000 will earn her an Oscar. From that moment on, as 883 would sing: Angelina, “You’re a myth”.

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