“When the bank transfer arrives I’m happy”


Antonella Mosetti has landed on Onlyfans long ago and she is very happy and enthusiastic about this choice. Because? She explained it herself to the weekly news magazine Chi. But what is Onlyfans? The well-known naked video and photo platform for adult audiences is an entertainment service that was born in 2016 in London in the United Kingdom and works by subscription. The creators of this content, mostly very spicy and daring, can earn money from users who subscribe to their content, the so-called “fans”.

Antonella Mosetti
Antonella Mosetti – Photo: Instagram

Antonella Mosetti enthusiastic about Onlyfans

The former showgirl of Non è la Rai Antonella Mosetti confessed to the magazine of gossip directed by Alfonso Signorini: “I am finally a resolved woman. I am not nostalgic and I have come to the realization that popularity, money and work are not enough to feel good ”. The future doesn’t worry her at all: “It doesn’t scare me. If they no longer have to call me on TV, I could easily do other things. I lived in London for three years, in Beijing for six months. I have a thousand contacts. I work on Instagram, Tik Tok and OnlyFans “.

Antonella Mosetti – Photo: Facebook

There vip mom by Asia Nuccetelli defended Onlyfans with the sword: “I eat it and when the transfer arrives I’m so happy. There is nothing, at least on my profile, pornographic. The breasts are seen everywhere. Feet and side B, too. What changes? It’s a paid social, less sweetened. I hate hypocrisy. Do you know how many women there are without putting their name and face? “.


Antonella Mosetti and her private life

Regarding her love life, Antonella said: “I’m single. I am not happy, but I am no longer satisfied, also because when you decide not to be satisfied, the same thing always happens. Get more ”.

Among his ex-boyfriends, Aldo Montano stands out, the fencer who is currently competing in the Casa del Big Brother Vip 6. “I was disappointed by his statements to the Corriere – said the showgirl -. Aldo Montano he spoke of our past as something unimportant. Come on! We were together for 7 years and most of the time under the same roof. How can we deny what we have lived? ”. Why did their love relationship end? “I closed the door – said the former competitor of the GF Vip -, as well as in all my stories. Asia and I were something too big to explain. I tried in every way to go to meet him, but in vain. If a son maybe it would have been different. We lost two. The first was a bolt from the blue. The second, however, a blow to the heart. We were in the Seychelles. I didn’t want to go there, but to make him happy I decided to leave. Back in Rome I was operated on urgently. There was nothing more to be done. We were very badly ”. And then again: “I will carry Aldo forever in my heart. I love him like all the people with whom I have experienced something special. He wanted children and the idea of ​​knowing that he is a father makes me very happy ”.

How is Aldo Montano’s relationship with Asia Nuccetelli? “He met my daughter from 9 to 16 years old – explained the former VIP gieffina -. He raised a little girl with me without being a father or a father. He’s been through every bit. Today I know how they feel and this makes me very happy. If my daughter is serious and rigid at work it is also thanks to her ”. With her, however, relations were interrupted: “I’m not a bulky ex and I prefer to take a step back so as not to hurt anyone’s sensitivity. Not all people are able to accept a partner’s past ”.


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