When the enemy is at home: one of series, documentaries and comics about spies

VALENCIA. Spy stories are part of the history of fiction, although sometimes, as you may have read in a newspaper, they are surpassed by reality. A lot of ink has been spilled over Russian, American, British and, of course, Spanish spies, some with more wisdom than others. And that’s what today’s game is about, a network of realities and lies, of deceit and truths, through different series that seem true and documentaries that seem untrue. of figures like Hedy Lamarr or Putin to titles like red sparrow or The Sleepers. The enemy is at home.

Francis Lawrence stars a film that delves into the darkest and most murky side of Dominika Egorova, played by JEnnifer Lawrence. Dominika is a cold and dark woman, who trains in giving pleasure to all those around her and that she does not hesitate to execute her mission with the State no matter what happens. She does so under the command of her uncle Vanya, who uses her as bait to trap one of her victims through the most sinister branch of the Russian secret service.

Howard, played by J K Simmons, discovers that there is a parallel world with another Howard who is a man of action, rebellious and cynical, who acts as a spy. All this happens within a series in which espionage and parallel universes are the pillars of the plot, often bordering on elements of science fiction.

The quintessential parody of spy movies and series. Created by Mel Brooks and buck herry agent 86, Don Adams and Agent 99 played by Barbara Felton They work for the CONTROL agency, the government organization designed to save the free world from the plans of the terrorist organization KAOS. Surprisingly, everything works out in the hands of agent 86, who has not a shred of intelligence and who is completely clumsy and messy.

President Vladimir Putin he learned in the street to constantly defend himself from the enemy, for this he had to become an expert in manipulation, repression and manipulation. At only 23 years old, he entered the KGB as an agent, he did so in part because of the influence that Bond had given him on television, this documentary miniseries reviews the biography of Putin’s youth and the relevance of his decisions.

Spies in pro-Soviet Czechoslovakia were forced (in order to survive) to lie and dodge to survive as secret agents. For six episodes, this miniseries analyzes counterespionage in the period prior to the Velvet Revolution (the one that led to the resignation of power by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia) through the eyes of the marriage of the professional violinist Marie (Tatiana Pauhofova), and the political analyst Victor (Martin Mysicka).

Martha Iron and Pablo Azorin they tell the story of the Spanish losers of the Civil War who became secret agents of the United States. Through an intensive line of investigation they highlight the unknown information of the Spanish Republicans. It focuses on the story of Ricard Sicre, an agent who, at the end of World War II, tried to become a businessman in the United States and, failing to do so, ended up being part of a foreign company controlled by the CIA.

An investigative thriller that takes place under the sea. Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) to clarify what has happened to one of the crew members, who dies in dubious circumstances. Agent Amy must find out what has happened, putting the secret services, MI5 and the British Royal Navy in check. From the mainland, her professional and sentimental partner, Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie), finds out a series of stories that contextualize what happened on a larger scale.

Gerard Puechmorel tells the story of elizabeth zarubina, a Soviet agent who coordinated the spy operation on American soil to seize the secret of the atomic bomb. The spy managed to infiltrate Los Alamos while it was being designed, and she, along with a group of leftist scientists, leaked the formula for the bomb to “maintain world peace.”

After so much recommendation of screens a bit of paper. The Valencian publishing house Grafito fictionalizes the life of Hedy Lamarr, an actress and inventor of Austrian origin whose life unfolds in an earthquake of emotions between glamour, experiments and rubbing shoulders with Nazi spies. The one who was considered “the most beautiful woman in cinema” actually hid a life full of shocks and mysteries, including an entanglement with spies with the occasional surprise.

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