when to change it, what not to do

After the new anti Covid measures launched by the government, the Ffp2 mask has known a greater diffusion in the population. But it is often not used correctly. “First of all, it must be worn in the right way, it must cover the nose and mouth tightly with the metal temple well attached to the nose. Then it must be changed after 6 hours of use, it must be placed in the sachet and manipulated as little as possible” he says to the Adnkronos Health Massimo Andreoni, head of infectious disease at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases (Simit).

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Andreoni takes stock of the correct use of the Ffp2 masks that have become mandatory for cinemas, theaters, sporting events, access to buses, trains and ships, and for people who have had close contact with a confirmed positive case at Covid and who, on the basis of the regulations in force, are not subject to quarantine, but only to self-monitoring.

“Attention then if you are cold – warns Andreoni – In this case the mask deteriorates more quickly and therefore must be changed more often. The Ffp2 help to lower the risk of contagion and transmission, but it is advisable that they are not reused. They must be used. once and then change “.

Even the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, Professor of Hygiene at the State University of Milan, reaffirms the fundamental rules for the correct use of Ffp2 at Adnkronos Health.

“In the meantime it should be remembered – warns the expert – that the Ffp2 must be thrown away after 6-8 hours of use: it is not a reusable protective device. Homemade inventions such as spraying them with disinfectant and then putting them in the air could damage them making them ineffective: better throw them away away after a day of use “. Obviously, as well as surgery, the Ffp2 must be worn so that it completely covers the nose and mouth “and if the air passes from the sides – the doctor remembers – we must tighten the elastics a little so that it adheres completely to the face. – then warns the virologist – it must be done when it is removed: it must always be held by the rubber bands, to avoid contamination from the outside, in case there has been exposure to the virus “. In short, we must try not to touch it “and if this happens we must immediately wash or disinfect our hands”.

For the same reason “we must not put it in our pockets – warns Pregliasco – or worse still place it on the table where we are eating. The ideal would be to put it in a sachet and wash your hands”. Always think that the virus could be present on the outside of the mask, the doctor recommends. Kisses on the cheek should also be avoided, ‘we have a mask’: “It’s not a good idea – says the expert – We could risk ‘spreading’ the virus on the cheek of the victim”.

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