When will the long-awaited movie Chicks on the Run: The Origin of the Nuggets premiere on Netflix?

it was the year 2000 when “chicken Run” It surprised everyone with its impeccable stop motion animation, art and plot of chickens seeking to escape the yoke of an exploitative farmer. For this reason, fans went nuts when it was announced that Netflix was going to produce it. Its sequel “Chicken on the Run: Rise of the Nuggets”.

The sequel to “Chicken on the Run” comes out more than 20 years after the original film premiered, surprising fans who watched it as children because now, like all gentlemen suffering from arthritis and gastritis, They will be able to do this. Know where the story will end, as the ending of the movie was left open.

Luckily, Netflix acquired the rights to the brand and put on “The Origin of the Nuggets,” which shows that times and chickens change.

The sequel to “Chicks on the Run” focuses on the original chickens, who now show off Infiltrate a nugget factory to discover its shady secrets And save your stranded comrades from turning into disgusting but delicious chicken noodles.

In a new trailer released by Netflix, you can see how the chickens plan to break into the nugget factory and how disastrously they fail to complete their mission, all with a good dose of British humour. Is.

Similarly, Netflix announced when “Chicken on the Run: The Origin of the Nuggets” would arrive in its catalog, on a date that seems far away but is very close.

“Chicken on the Run: Rise of the Nuggets” will next premiere on Netflix 15th December of this 2023, So it would be a great way to spend the winter holidays.

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