When will the new medical recertification apply?

Javier García Alegría, president of Facme.

reach a common professional recertification model in Spain is getting closer to being a reality, and the meeting to be held by the Spanish Federation of Medical Scientific Societies (face me) and the Ministry of Health at the end of January it will mark a turning point in this matter. Some scientific societies They have already completed their project, while others hope to make a move once they know the response of Health to your requests, which will be answered in the ultimate summit.

Before meeting with the CEO of Professional Ordination of the Ministry of Health, Celia GomezFacme decided to send a letter to the different presidents of the scientific societies to update their situation regarding the recertification model. javier garciapresident of Facme, states in Medical Writing that “at the meeting it will be clarified what the role of companiesthe position of the ministry regarding the proposal that we made to him in his day, and Facme hopes that a timeline to know when the model will be implemented. In addition, all the concerns of societies”.

Currently, the model defended by Facme is not recognized by the authorities, but it is among the companies that want to promote it officially. García acknowledges that “some companies await the response of Health before continuing progressing on your project. It would be devastating to carry out altruistic work and have it not serve”. Facme technical grouprepresenting scientific societies, and another technical group of the Ministry.

“Some companies await a response from the Health Department before proceeding safely with their projects”

All societies follow a common path in relation to the recertification model, and García emphasizes that only the professionals can define the skills and abilities of each specialty: “There is no way to evaluate a cardiovascular surgeon other than another cardiovascular surgeon. In the advanced countries Those who certify whether a person meets the degree of knowledge, skills and clinical practice are the professionals. This common model also guide to those companies whose structure is not at a point So powerful like others”.

Support Spain with the rest of Europe, Facme’s mission

apply the directive Europe and following in the footsteps of neighboring countries with regard to professional recertification is the purpose that García hopes to achieve in the imminent meeting: “It is a fact that may be crucial in the coming years. Spain it takes a lot delay to implement a model shared by all the professionals who are part of the different medical specialties recognized in the country”.

The president of Facme wants the next tenant to occupy the health portfolio make the common recertification a reality and the current situation is delayed much longer: “We have been four ministers in four years. there must be certain stability among those responsible for the ministry, although in the end what is important, beyond people, are the political strategies let them be executed.”

“We have four Ministers of Health in four years”

The meeting with the Ministry of Health is expected to be final to channel once and for all one of the initiatives that Facme has been battling for a long time. García is convinced that, finally, the project will be a reality in Spain, although the last wordThe institution directed by Carolina Darias will end up having it.

The information published in Redacción Médica contains affirmations, data and statements from official institutions and health professionals. However, if you have any questions related to your health, consult your corresponding health specialist.

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