When will the release of the new Advance Wars?

The launch of the new installment of Advance Wars was delayed indefinitely due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. The delicate international situation after this tragic event caused Nintendo to make a decision with the return of the license. Since last March, despite being dated for the April 8, Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp was postponed without a release date.

With this decision, the company shared through its social networksthe Japanese firm proved to be aware of the situation and the terrible ravages of it. By removing the title without a specific release date, Nintendo fallowed the game and, since then, little has been known about it. However, in early April, some players warned of an unusual situation that allowed them to enjoy the title.

A few users had access to the game

Although Nintendo later corrected its mistake and prevented some players from being able to play to the reimagining of the series, this measure came somewhat late. As the company corrected its bug, several users reported that had full access to the new Advance Wars. This one-off bug, which occurred with those who pre-ordered the game and pre-downloaded it, gave a few of the access the final version of the title.

Rachel Adamson, one of the players who was able to play Advance Wars of Nintendo Switch, recounted his experience with the title:

Far from the confusion, she was very excited! She really wanted to try it because It is a game that I enjoyed a lot when I was little.. When I woke up and saw the repercussion of my tweet I was in shock, I didn’t realize I was the only one with access and waited for others playing. My brother showed me YouTube videos with thousands of views of people discussing the tweet. At that moment I realized how important it was.

For years, I have reduced my use of social networks, so I went from interact with hardly anyone to have a thousand interactions in a day. People making videos, websites making articles, it was really impressive.

To this, Adamson added what did you think of the new Advance Wars that Nintendo has in its hands. Unfortunately, the tweets she referenced in the interview have been lost, but the player reported that the title had a gameplay at the height of the previous ones and that enjoyed the reimagining of the franchise. Adamson’s opinion, which ultimately ended up being the most relevant, agrees with that of the other players who were able to access the war title.

The launch of Advance Wars is a real mystery

Initially, the many game lags were due to the aspects that were to be polished. However, as was the case with the first installment for Game Boy Advance, due to its release a day before the tragedy of the Twin Towers, the title ended up postponing its release indefinitely. In fact, to this day, the intentions of the Big N for the brand new are unknown one of his favorite games of the year.

As is normal, given the current situation between Russia and Ukraine, the Japanese firm has not offered details of the launch plans of Advance Wars. Beyond those few players who had access to the title, an anecdotal situation that was corrected in a few days, it is unknown when the reimagining of the series will hit the market. Due to its similarities (even if they are parodic) with reality, the logical thing would be that Nintendo waited a reasonable time. As some insiders have pointed out, december could be the perfect month for release if the situation has normalized by then.

So far, silence reigns around the title. Since the confirmed delay in March, neither the company nor the developer have made any statements about the release of the title. This, as already demonstrated when a few were able to access it, is ready to go to market. However, out of solidarity with the victims of this tragedy, Nintendo keeps it in the fridge and processes respect for the consequences of the war.

And you, when do you think the launch of the new Advance Wars? Were you able to enjoy the original Game Boy Advance titles? We read you in the comments.

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