When you bump into Jennifer Lawrence on the street wearing the same dress as you

Meet someone at an event who is wearing the same thing as you. The red carpet is full of this anecdote that can be transferred to Sara Sampaio and Emily Ratajkowski or Miley Cyrus and Kim Catrall. For the memory there is also that moment in the MTV of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston they wore the same brown Vera Wang dress.

But, what happens when you meet a celebrity who has decided to wear the same look what you? The meeting can only end with laughter. This is what happened to a New York woman, who was walking through the streets of the city, when she suddenly came across Jennifer Lawrence. The photographers immortalized the reaction of both frame by frame: in the initially confused face of the actress, you can see how she notices that the woman in front of her is wearing her own dress. Strappy, beige, in poplin, and line A, from La Garçonne.


Later, both share the same answer between laughs: while Lawrence opted to combine her light dress with black sandals, the New York woman did it with matching clogs, in key total look. A few funny seconds that will surely have become the particular anecdote of the summer.

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