When you turned 34, he first saw the premiere on screen, on Wednesday, he became a celebrity all over the world. Avez-vous reconnu ce jeune actor?

The greatest action stars are here today.

Coming in the world after a year-long debut in 2000, playing a role in the science fiction film Pitch Black, most of all for the embodiment of the character Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious (a hero who was interpreted 9 times on the big screen, and can be seen in retrospect for the last two films), Vin Diesel will play without the participation of many Hollywood celebrities and the most popular people.

First role at 23

The participation in the casting of other actors who achieve success in XXx or Les Gardiens de la Galaxie (in conversation with the voice of Groot), debut in their careers, at an early age for all their homologues, and in the increasing timidity of le premier barreau de la grande échelle.

It is necessary to practice the theater in childhood and during the son of youth, and after the premiere of a small boulot in tant that que in a nightclub of New Yorkers, Vin Diesel at the premiere of the film passes on the plateau of cinema. At the age of 23 she was a participant in the drama Penny Marshall “L’Eveil”.

From “The Word” to “Fast and Furious”

In this long, Robert De Niro-style boulevard port, the…

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When you were 33, she saw the premiere for the first time on the screen, on the street, in the world that entered the world. Did you recognize this young actress?

Here we go, more celebrity filmmakers. You’re 56, voila, you’re about to have your premiere film

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