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Squid Game from the screen to reality. the global success of the TV series of the moment, which has already become the most viewed ever on Netflix, pushed The Korean Cultural Center of the United Arab Emirates to organize ad Abu Dhabi a live version of the games seen in Korean fiction.

Real squid game, how it unfolds

The “children’s” challenges will take place in two sessions between two teams, each made up of 15 participants. Each player wears the jersey with the logo “Squid Game”, for the staff, instead, pink suits with the three symbols (triangle, circle and square) used by the guards of the TV series. Prize money and penalties also change: instead of the 38 million dollars you win a personalized green suit, while the loser is not killed (of course and fortunately!), but will continue to watch the challenges.

“Opportunities to spread Korean culture”

As he explained Nam Chan-woo, director of the Korean Cultural Center: “The games seen in the Netflix series are popular with children in Korea and are childhood memories for adults, but similar traditional games are also popular here among UAE children. I hope the global popularity of the series is an opportunity to spread other aspects of Korean culture“.

Ursula Corbero, the sexy Tokyo de "The House of Paper"

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Ursula Corbero, the sexy Tokyo of “La Casa di Carta”

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