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Taylor Swift announced that she would debut four previously unreleased songs at the start of her Eras Tour, but did she actually do it? Here we tell you how the singer-songwriter released them on musical platforms.

Taylor Swift She is an artist in every sense of the word.. She is a singer-songwriter, actress, screenwriter, producer and even director. We have been able to enjoy his live music and creative process in productions such as Folklore The Long Pond Studio Sessionswhich is available on Disney Plus (if you don’t have it, check its promotion with Star Plus) and especially in the documentary Miss American.

After beginning his musical career at a young age, Taylor has become one of the biggest stars in the industry, because he has made a colossal effort in his music and in fighting for the rights of it. The success that the actress cats has among the audiences is unheard of and it is not disconcerting that he has sold out dozens of stadiums in the United States after releasing his tenth record material.

Last year he participated in the film Amsterdamwhich along with other David O. Russell films is part of the Star Plus catalogue, but what he is most passionate about is music. On March 17 he began his tour entitled “Eras Tour”which will review his 10 eras and with which he presented his first concert of more than three hours, in which he changed his wardrobe more than 13 times.

On the occasion of the start of his tour, the actress of Valentine’s Day posted on his Instagram stories that he would drop four new songs at midnight. All the swifties went crazy with the announcement and as soon as the time came, they realized that, apparently, there was no premiere by the artist. This generated confusion among her fandom and doubts arose as to whether Taylor was serious about releasing more music.

What actually happened was that new songs were added to his catalog on streaming platforms, but they were lost among the others because they were not included in a different album but as singles. the director of All Too Well added his own versions of “Eyes Open”, “Safe & Sound”, “If This Was A Movie” and “All Of The Girls You Loved Before”; they all have a “(Taylor’s Version)” at the end. If you look for them this way, you can easily find them.

Taylor Swift will continue to perform on her “Eras Tour” until August 9, but The support she has received has been enormous since her first show in Arizona, and not only from her fans, but also from her friends.. Laura Dern, Emma Stone, the HAIM sisters, Cara Delevigne and her closest friend Selena Gomez, the star of the Star Plus series Only Murders in the Buildingattended to accompany her on that important day for her.

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