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“Where is Gelpí (which) hasn’t been seen on the channel?”, “What about Jorge Gelpí?”, are two of the most frequent comments on the social networks of “NotiCentro”, the newscast of Wapa Television.

A few hours ago, the journalist published several stories on his account Instagram. Without revealing where he is, Gelpí shared videos of various people exhibiting his art.

“Art in the streets”, “How much talent there is in every corner of the world!”, read some of the phrases that the communicator wrote.

The journalist shared several videos on his social networks of people exhibiting their art in the streets.
The journalist shared several videos on his social networks of people exhibiting their art in the streets. (instagram)

El Nuevo Día got in touch with Channel 4’s relationist, Migdaliz Ortiz, to find out details of Gelpí’s absence. In the conversation, the public relations professional maintained that the journalist “is on vacation” and reported that “he will return next week.”

On June 17 of last year, Wapa Televisión reported that both Gelpí and the journalist Aixa Vazquez they renewed their commitment to inform viewers. Both reporters, who agreed to new contracts, are featured in “NotiCentro al Amanecer”, a news program that broadcasts Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 10:00 a.m.

“The renewal of my contract with Wapa TV for the next three years is recognition by the company of the work I have done for the past 18 and a half years on this channel. It is a reaffirmation that I am valued as a journalist and talent in the different editions of Noticias, in particular ‘NotiCentro al Amanecer’. On my part, it is a reiteration of my unwavering commitment to the public, to the station and to myself, that I will continue to carry out high-level, responsible work and total dedication towards what I am passionate about, to serve. It is a privilege to be part of the Wapa family and, in turn, of the extended family of millions of households of viewers, in and outside of Puerto Rico, who wake up with us every morning,” said Vázquez, creator of the Wapa segment. “Titi Aixa” that daily celebrates the life and special occasions of viewers.

On the other hand, the presenter of the morning news also expressed his pleasure in extending his contractual relationship. “For me it is a pride to continue in what has been my home for 18 years. ‘NotiCentro’ is the work center that has allowed me to reach homes to bring them daily information. I have had the opportunity to perform various roles within the news department and now, as the presenter of ‘NotiCentro al Amanecer’, I feel grateful for the support of the public that honors us every day with its audience both in Puerto Rico and in the United States. . I reaffirm my commitment to continue offering you updated and accurate information and to continue waking up with you with the joy that characterizes all of us who work at ‘NotiCentro al Amanecer,’” he said.

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