Where to find the rarest monkeys

star field It’s a universe full of secrets to discover, and one of the most intriguing is the chance to get a rare space suit early on in the game. This cheat, discovered by attentive players, may be subject to future updates, so you’d better hurry if you want to secure this unique item.

Where to find the best outfit in Starfield

The key to the lodge

The key to access this extraordinary adventure is the “Lodge Key”. This key is essential to enter the Constellation faction base and begin your quest.

The Meta – New Atlantis

The next stop is New Atlantis, an enchanting place in the Alpha Centauri system, located on the planet Jamison. This is the main headquarters of the Constellation faction and where your objective is hiding.

The entrance to the hostel

Once you have the Lodge key, venture into the Constellation base. This will be your first mission inside the base and you must be ready for action.

internal navigation

From the main lobby, go through the base. Take the door on the left and go down the stairs. Keep moving left and then right, following the painting on the wall.

the secret case

Your ultimate goal is the case that contains the precious space suit. However, this one doesn’t open like the others. You will have to carefully search for a small crack on the surface of the display case and interact with it to pick up the suit.

Finding the crack in the case may require some patience and a few tries. But with determination and perseverance you will be able to find it and obtain this rare space suit, which will accompany you on your adventures in the infinite space of Starfield.

Please note that this cheat may be subject to future changes or updates, so grab your chance while it’s still available and get ready for one of the most unique and amazing experiences Starfield has to offer. Good hunting!

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