Where to see ‘Doctor Sueño’ tonight, the ending that deserves the nightmare of ‘The Shining’

There are many who stopped watching television with the arrival of streaming platforms. streaming, but there are still those who get excited when they hear the title of one of their favorite movies in the ads. Titles that they have probably seen hundreds of times, but any time is a good time to repeat, even with ads, lying on the couch.

If that movie is a horror movie, it seems that the night is the perfect time to create atmosphere. Fans of the genre are in luck, because if they want a night of tension and surprises, Neox broadcasts from 10:00 p.m. doctor sleep (2019), one of the best, albeit underrated, horror movies of recent times.

'Doctor Sleep' (2019), by Mike Flanagan.

‘Doctor Sleep’ (2019), by Mike Flanagan.

Third parties

A brilliant sequel to the mythical The glow (1980) by Stanley Kubrick, which marked several generations and tells what has become of Danny Torrance, that famous boy with psychic abilities who ran through the corridors of the sinister hotel where he lived with his parents.

Several years have passed and Danny (Ewan McGregor) is still traumatized by what happened, with alcoholism and anger problems that increasingly resemble those of his father, Jack (played by Jack Nicholson in The Shining). The fear of becoming his father, whose unpredictable and violent character is repeatedly highlighted, leads her to move to a small town in New Hampshire (USA). It is then that his psychic abilities resurface and he contacts Abra Stone, a girl he must rescue from a group of travelers who feed precisely on children like them, who has the gift of ‘the glow’.

'Doctor Sleep' (2019), by Mike Flanagan.

‘Doctor Sleep’ (2019), by Mike Flanagan.

Third parties

Mike Flanagan (the curse of hillhouse, 2018) takes the reins of this project from the beginning, very complicated by its inevitable comparisons to its predecessor, in addition to having to deal with those of the original material, the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

Stephen King Wrote ‘Doctor Sleep’ After a Fan Asked What Happened to Danny Torrance

However, he gets a B in this work, which could well be outstanding if one did not constantly think about the universe of The glow of Kubrick. Something difficult, but not impossible, even though the first minutes of the film are precisely a summary of what happened at the Overlook hotel.


The writer Stephen King poses in front of the cameras during the promotional tour of the novel ‘Doctor Sleep’, the sequel to ‘The Shining’ in a bookstore in Paris.


A story in which Ewan McGregor takes us by the hand, slowly but surely, to the real danger. A much more complex Danny Torrance than anyone could imagine, and that was not the first option, because actors like Chris Evans, Matt Smith or Jeremy Renner were considered to bring the protagonist to life. Of course, the only one who got the approval of Stephen King was Ewan McGregor, so they decided to continue with him. The film also has more than interesting performances (Rebecca Ferguson, Kyliegh Curran) and a very well achieved plot.

Henry Thomas, the famous child of ET, becomes the new horror icon

Paranormal powers, script twists and characters that are not what they seem to be; suspense in its purest form that manages to keep the viewer glued to the sofa. A film that knows how to end the saga The glow and thus close the circle, at least in its emotional part.

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A perfect story to close the day and not let you sleep at night.

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