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movie star. Meaning 1: The interpreter known by people who don’t have Twitter. Another meaning: the interpreter who inspires the public to watch the cinema, whatever the film may be. Third meaning: an interpreter who is recognized even by those who have not seen anything about him. Fourth Meaning: Zendaya,

Although His filmography does not exceed 15 titles, deducting commercials, dubbing and video clips.There certainly isn’t a more obvious star candidate in her generation than Zendaya. The actress was born 27 years ago on this day, and according to legend, her parents chose the name Zendaya because they thought they were (literally) giving birth to a rising star, so it would be unwise to call her Emma or Sophia. , The purpose of this photo engraved in X-ray was to conquer the world,

Zendaya in ‘The Rivals’

A few decades later, Zendaya has become a beacon for many interpreters who stand out Josh O’Connor, Anya Taylor-Joy, Florence Pugh one of two tom holland, named by the magazine Time as one of 100 most influential people in the worldThe Californian actress has learned better than anyone that great actors shine on screen but stars must shine on the red carpet too. And, in that area, Zendaya has no rivals.

none of his comradesexcept maybe Timothée Chalamet, He develops like an actress in junkets, a presentation of a film in front of the press in which its chief manager intervenes. If Zendaya has the right Louis Vuitton she’s been able to breathe oxygen into a seemingly hopeless project.

Zendaya in ‘The Rivals’

For this reason, the only feature film to come out of the Venice Festival after the actors’ and screenwriters’ strike has been a film starring him, their rival, If Zendaya was not available for her promotion, the film’s main barrier to press would be broken, and its directors did not want to take that risk. The premiere has also been postponed dune 2Which will appear in theaters in 2024 instead of the end of this year. film calendar has been set based on ZendayaAnd he is, in short, a star.

To celebrate the actress’ 27th birthday, we review the series and movies she’s been in, in chronological order. Warning: If you compare it not only with the status it has gained from them, but also with its rewards, there are not many. Total, Zendaya has 29 awards and has been nominated 54 times,

Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in ‘Dune: Part 2’.

shake it Up! (Full Speed)’ (2011)

the same agent who discovered Miley Cyrus He was the one who took notice of Zendaya. After passing an audition for which 200 other girls applied, the actress was chosen to play Rocky Blue, a teenager who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Near Bella Thorne (who debuted a few years earlier, opposite Zendaya), the rising star starred in the Disney Channel series shake it Up, In all, 75 episodes to accustom the public to a face they will soon become used to.

shake it Up! (In full Swing) available in disneyplus,

Zendaya in ‘Shake It Up’

‘Good Luck Charlie’ (2011)

Zendaya made a brief appearance in this sitcom as Rocky Blue, specifically in the thirteenth chapter of the second season.

good luck Charlie available in disneyplus,

Zendaya in ‘Good Luck Charlie’

‘Friend Enemy’ (2012)

Again, Disney Channel. Again, Bella Thorne. Zendaya stars in a telefilm in which the Guiding friendship of three teenagers (and a dog) becomes the core of this story, a mix of comedy and drama that is relevant in its capacity as a fusion of the words “friend” and “foe”. .

frenemies available in disneyplus,

Zendaya in ‘Friends Shatru’

‘Ant Farm: School of Talent’ (2012)

The actress was seen in one episode of this Disney Channel series: to find her, you’ll have to wait until the beginning of the second season.

ANT Farm: Talent School available in disneyplus,

Zendaya in ‘Ant Farm’

‘Very good!’ (2014)

It can’t be said that the person responsible for making the first decision on Zendaya’s professional future was careless. In this telefilm, the actress once again plays a dancer for a Disney Channel telefilm. The only difference: the supernatural component that is introduced, in addition to the absence of his now-partner Bella Thorne.

very nice! available in disneyplus,

‘Wow!’ Zendaya in

‘Black-ish’ (2015)

Their first adventure away from the company of Mickey Mouse was paid for by ABC and lasted less than 20 minutes. in the fourth episode of the second season black-ishZendaya plays a character named Resheeda.

black-ish available in disneyplus,

Zendaya in ‘Black-ish’

‘KC Special Agent’ (2015)

The swan song, embarrassing musical numbers and endless friendships of that first episode of telefilms was this three-season, 75-episode series, in which Zendaya’s character learns that her parents are secret agents.

KC, Special Agent available in disneyplus,

Zendaya in ‘KC Special Agent’

‘The Greatest Showman’ (2017)

From Disney Channel to “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Zendaya found herself surrounded from day to day by actors whose films were released in theaters, not on some cable television channel where projects that didn’t pass Disney’s quality control were going to end up. in this movie it matches Hugh Jackman, michelle williams And Rebecca FergusonIn addition a Zac Efron In-spite of this high school musicalNever has Zendaya been more committed to a Disney subsidiary.

the great showman available in disneyplus and in movistar plus,

Zendaya in ‘The Greatest Showman’

‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ (2017), ‘Spiderman: Far From Home’ (2019) and ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’ (2021)

Stay away from hard drugs and superhero movies if you want to go far in Hollywood. According to Chalamet, DiCaprio gave him this advice and he has followed it strictly (at least with regard to the second part). of course, or the hero of Titanic He never met Zendaya, or paid much attention to her, because, the first chance he got, he got into Marvel.

spiderman: homecoming available in amazon prime videoIn disneyplus and in movistar plus,

spiderman: far from home available in NetflixIn disneyplus and in movistar plus,

Spiderman: No Way Home available in movistar plus and in Tivify,

Zendaya in ‘Spiderman: No Way Home’.

‘Euphoria’ (2019–present)

The highlight of Zendaya’s career was the HBO series, most recently created by writer Sam Levinson. statue, a title that would, in the long run, be a milestone in the director’s career, but for very different reasons. In any case, the first season of ExcitementLevinson was far from the Holocaust starring The Weeknd and Zendaya still dreamed that her parents’ stifling expectations would stop being ridiculous.

After two seasons and 18 episodes, the actress who auditioned for the role of Rue Bennett and has landed a role Golden Globe They are two different people for this character. Hollywood is in the hands of the other.

Excitement available in hbo max,

‘The OA’ (2016–2019)

Although the series premiered in 2016, Zendaya didn’t visit its filming set until last season, in which it appears in three chapters. By the time she was released, the popularity of the actress was rising rapidly. ExcitementWhich was included in the HBO Max catalog a few months ago.

Oye available in Netflix,

‘Malcolm & Mary’ (2021)

Sam Levinson and Zendaya wanted to find out the limits of their reign with this litmus test they gave each other: Together John David Washington as a sole traveling companion (we admit not to make things easy), malcolm and mary This is the movie you’re looking for if you want to enjoy over 100 minutes of discussion between a couple that has absolutely no chemistry and in which only one member, Zendaya, wants to act.

malcolm and mary available in Netflix,

Zendaya in ‘Malcolm & Mary’

‘Dune’ (2021)

Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster, whose grosses became the subject of international concern, will finally get a sequel, which should hopefully make Zendaya’s intervention look a little less like a cologne ad.

with a cast made up of great actors like Charlotte Rampling, Oscar Isaac, Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin one of two Stellan Skarsgard and omnipresent Chalametfirst part of dune, as Zendaya herself says at the end of the film, “was only the beginning.” For now and till 2024 this will also be the end of the filmography of this actress.

dune available in hbo max and in movistar plus,

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