Where to watch ‘Uncharted’, one of Tom Holland’s best films, for free for a limited time

In 1952, when Sandy Douglas programmed a rudimentary game of cross and dash, what would be considered the first video game in history, an american in paris Won the Oscar for Best Film. It is difficult to imagine, if one tries to put oneself in Douglas’s place, that any dialogue ever existed between his recent invention and the world of cinema. Furthermore, this was not limited to the creation of video games based on films, but vice versa. unresolvedCurrently available at zero cost in Spain.

In 2007, Naughty Dog Company introduced the world to nathan drake, a replica of Indiana Jones made entirely of pixels (actually like the previous Indiana Jones) whose family tree had, among its branches, the most famous English pirate of all time. saga game mechanics unresolved It was simple: follow Nathan through forests, ruins and besieged cities, bounty hunting Which can only be obtained by solving puzzles or shooting.

Since the first video game was released unresolved, the idea of ​​a film adaptation was in the air. The actors considered numbered in the dozens: from chris pratt Until nathan fillian,

In the end, the chosen one was tom holland The film, scheduled to hit theaters in 2022, grossed over $400 million, was well received by audiences, and was poorly received by critics. If you didn’t watch it at the time, or want to repeat the experience, you have the possibility to do so now and completely free, However, do not delay in taking this decision, because time is of the essence.

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Where can I watch ‘Uncharted’ for free?

The film ‘Uncharted’ directed by Ruben Fleischer is available rtve play, so you don’t have to pay a single cent to enjoy it. Of course, as its leapfrog hero Tom Holland usually does, unresolved From next time onwards, won’t stay at this place for long The catalog of this platform will be released on September 17.,

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