Where to wear masks indoors?

Rafael Ortí and Joan Caylà.

The choice of spaces where Health will keep the mandatory use of the mask has turned out to be limited, according to the vision of epidemiologists and preventivists. After the general exception that will come into force next Wednesday, April 20, it will only be mandatory in public transport and in health and social health centers. Some “correct” spaces, but whose justification to designate them is also extrapolated to sites with the same or more “agglomeration”.

“Using it on public transport makes an overwhelming logic, we can be crowded on the bus or the subway, it won’t take long, but there is a risk,” defends the epidemiologist Joan Caylà, who at the same time asks “extend” this measure to any other place where there may be an “agglomeration” of people.

“In a Supermarket there may be as much or more overcrowding than on public transport and we can stay even longer. Therefore, common sense, in my opinion and that of many, would be to use them”, claims the epidemiologist, who even assures that it could be recommended on public roads: “If we are in a square, at an event with many peoplesinging and shouting, it would be recommended”.

From the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Hygiene (Sempsph) they also admit be in accordance with the designated areas by Health for the mandatory use of a mask. However, they point out that the correct thing would be change the word mandatory for health education.

Where there are vulnerable people there is always risk”admit, therefore, it is necessary to “follow some rules and provide adequate resources to these health and professional areas, not only in quantity, but also in quality”. In addition, they assure that “preventive measures are as valid for covid as for any infection, especially respiratory.”

Health errors over time and how to withdraw the mandatory use of masks

Beyond the fact that the decision comes prematurely, as we already have in Medical Writing, the experts are clear that it is neither the right choice nor the right time. “You have to see above all how we are and what happens with Holy Week. It seems that there may be an uptick in cases and hospitalizations. Not the best situation to stop wearing masks. It must be taken into account that there are many people who do not have the booster dose and in each space there will be between 15-20 percent who have not been vaccinated”, highlights Caylá, who also considers that Health has announced it well “in advance”. and the population already believes that the pandemic is over.

“The pandemic continues, we have not left the sixth wave and in some places it is increasing and a seventh wave is already beginning. The incidence is still very high and we have deaths, which go unnoticed, but at this point in the pandemic they are a very high number, ”claims the epidemiologist.

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