Where’s the manual? Suspiciously “The House of Famous Mexico” Looks Like Telemundo

Everything seems to indicate that the current participants of “The House of Famous Mexico” did not see the version of reality that Telemundo saw. Amazingly, some of the dynamics, such as the wheel of fortune where points are randomly awarded or deducted by the current leader, are remarkably similar. Similarly, Sergio Mayor’s confrontational behavior with his colleagues brings back memories of the tension he experienced with Denia Mendez in the Telemundo version. Now, the dilemma is this: is the former Garibaldi attitude genuine or a ratings-boosting tactic? Only time will tell.

It took five months for Guana and Lele Pons to open their wedding gifts. The couple of singers got married on March 4, 2024 and five months later, during an interview with this medium, the urban interpreter said that he just found out what his friends had given him that day in Miami, including Sebastian Yatra, Paris Hilton were also involved. and Camila Cabello. “A week ago we opened presents because we had never touched them and we were passionate about the details of our loved ones,” said the Puerto Rican. Furthermore, he defined his married phase as “something beautiful”… “Everything happens very quickly, I felt like the honeymoon, the wedding, the bachelorette and the bachelorette parties flew by,” he laughed.

Lele Pons and Guyana’s wedding! it was a royal wedding

Could it be that the Little Things love the “MasterChef Celebrity” apron so much that they don’t want to give it up? And that after she was out of the program, we saw her everywhere with her black apron. Wander the halls of the Azteca and, wait, even on the street! Some lucky passerby bumped into her, apron and all, and didn’t miss the selfie opportunity. Accessories, is that the new fashion accessory or what?

Cositas is aware of the public outcry about its Craft capsules over the years. Photo: Instagram.

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