Which actresses would we like to see in the cast of the Evelyn Hugo movie?

Netflix will make a film adaptation of the famous book taylor jenkins reed, Evelyn Hugo’s seven husbands and they are actresses Who we would like to see play the role Evelyn Hugo and Celia St. James.

Now that the actors’ strike in Hollywood is over It is likely that the cast of some of the most anticipated productions of 2024 and 2025 will be announced very soon. Although we don’t have much information yet, we do know Netflix acquired the rights to the book For a film that will be produced Jenkins Reedthat will be in charge of the script Liz Tigelaar ,Small fires everywhere, accidental) And Leslie Headland ,virgin, sleeping with other people) will be the director.

On many occasions the Internet has expressed its opinion about this Who should be part of the cast And the truth is, we couldn’t agree with you more Option, We introduce you to our forward runner and among them fan,

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These actresses will look perfect in the roles of Evelyn Hugo and Celia St. James

Ana de Armas – Evelyn Hugo

it Like This can not happen More clear and complete. In the book, Evelyn is Hugo’s daughter. Cuban immigrantsEstablished in New York and Ana de Armas was born in Havana, Cuba. Furthermore, their beauty looks he always gave us old hollywood banging vibes And she is a great actress.

actress evelyn hugo actress evelyn hugo
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Eiza Gonzalez – Evelyn Hugo

Iza is the second one latin option To act in the film. His Style gives you a lot Feeling From Evelyn Hugo to the fans.

actress evelyn hugo actress evelyn hugo
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Camila Morrone – Evelyn Hugo

in an interview with suki waterhouse camila said so Evelyn Hugo’s seven husbands This was the second book of Jenkins Reed Which he read. He also said that he would like play evelyn And He asked Suki if they would fight over the role in the future.

Anya Tyler Joy – Evelyn Hugo

anya taylor joi Which also has Latin roots, would be perfect for the role of Evelyn. On many occasions and in films he has shown us that he has that classic touch And Mysterious Which characterizes Hugo in the novel.

anya taylor joi anya taylor joi
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Jessica Chastain – Celia St. James

The Oscar winner has always given us old hollywood vibes And we have seen her playing super dramatic roles which fit perfectly with Celia’s personality. Actually, he is fan favorite to the cast for a few years and really everyone wants to see him in the movie, including us,

actress evelyn hugo actress evelyn hugo
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Saoirse Ronan – Celia St. James

Saoirse Ronan despite of being a very similar physique which they describe celia st james There are many things in common between him and those in the book. In Evelyn Hugo’s seven husbands The two actresses meet during the filming little WomenThe same film in which Ronan starred 2019,

Rose Leslie – Celia St. James

actress of game of Thrones And Downton Abbey This is also included in the list of fan favorite For Celia St. James.

Emma Stone – Celia St. James

a dream comes true. Emma Stone has everything it takes to play this role. First she has the ideal physical features and then we learn that Emma can actually copy them all personality traits (Like her charisma and authenticity) is what makes Celia unique.

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