Which are the most dangerous hacker groups in the world?

throughout the history of Internetseveral groups of hacker have emerged to carry out computer attacks, They may have different objectives. From stealing the information of millions of people to manipulating the systems of a company or organization Specific.

in the midst of a scenario in which technology offers quick progress —both to confront cyber criminals and help them find new ways to operate These are just some of the groups known for their digital aggression against companies such as Apple and Microsoft, as well as governments such as the United States.,

These 5 hacker groups are among the most dangerous in the world: This is how they work. Photo: Reference.

One of them is REvil, which originated in Russia in 2019 and operates through encrypting files and hacking systems, As per information saved by Infobay.

after such actions They set ransom conditions in exchange for intercepted information,

In 2021, Its members were responsible for 37% of ransomware (or “data hijacking”) attacks.According to data from IBM Security reviewed by the above media.

One of them went to the American software company Kasia, affecting more than one million customers.,

Also, throughout his career He has attacked celebrities such as Lady Gaga and giant companies such as Apple, while he has also threatened politicians such as former US President Donald Trump.,

These 5 hacker groups are among the most dangerous in the world: This is how they work. Photo: Reference.

also one of the most dangerous on the internet It originated in Russia, however, in 2010 and is believed to be linked to the Federal Security Service (FSB). The command of the nation is in the hands of Vladimir Putin.

It is known as Dragonfly and its purpose is cyber espionageMainly for institutions in North America and Europe.

Gives the details of the data saved by the above mentioned medium They do this by hacking third-party organizations and one of their most commonly used methods is spear phishing.,

the latter – roughly Its purpose is to send emails that appear to be legitimate, but actually contain malicious files or redirect users to pages that would compromise their security.,

This conglomerate is also known as Energetic Beer and has been accused by countries such as the United States of attacking their electrical network.

“They attack a variety of companies, with a particular focus on the industrial and energy sectors”Detailed from Kaspersky Lab, a computer security firm, in a report the BBC had access to in 2018.

These 5 hacker groups are among the most dangerous in the world: This is how they work. Photo: Reference.

Although it is not known in detail who makes up this group, Its members have been suggested to be affiliated with the North Korean regime.,

so They have warned both the United Kingdom and the United States thatWhile cyber security companies like Kaspersky Lab and Group-IB have also targeted them.

The last company described in a report reviewed by the BBC in 2017 North Korean group “spyed on ideological enemies of the (Kim Jong-un) regime for years”,

Their most famous attack was in 2017 with a ransomware called WannaCryWhich according to data saved by CBS News, It affected hundreds of thousands of Microsoft Windows computers and caused about $4 billion in damage.,

These 5 hacker groups are among the most dangerous in the world: This is how they work. Photo: Reference.

members of this group They come from Eastern Europe and their specialty is RaaS attacks ,Ransomware as a Service or “Ransomware as a Service”, in Spanish).

This word translates in general terms A criminal business model where they provide their hacking knowledge so others can work through it,

Whereas, they usually attack large corporations One of its most infamous attacks was on the Colonial Pipeline in 2021, affecting the pipeline network that transports 45% of the gasoline consumed on the East Coast of the United States.,

A statement attributed to Darkseid, seen by CNBC, following the attack He explained that he defines himself as “apolitical” and has no ties to “a defined government”.,

“Our aim is to make money not to create problems for the society”He said to add it later They will apply “restraint” and they will investigate who will be victims of their clients in order to “avoid future social consequences”.,

These 5 hacker groups are among the most dangerous in the world: This is how they work. Photo: Reference.

contained in A group formed in England in 2021 and its history of victims includes companies such as Microsoft, Nvidia, Ubisoft, Samsung and Vodafonein others, In addition to attacks on the Brazilian Ministry of Health and firms related to the media Communications

This is detailed in an article in El Pais published in March 2022 Their modus operandi is to steal data, then threaten to publish it if a ransom is not paid,

However, In some cases, such as Nvidia, they did not ask for money, but instead asked that some code be released for their graphics cards and they would lift the ban. Specific.

In a while 16-year-old British teen living with his mother near Oxford believed to be the mastermind of Lapsus$But it could not be conclusively linked to it.

Other than this, Another suspected of living in Brazil,

Also heLondon police arrested seven youths between the ages of 16 and 21 for allegedly being linked to the group’s crimes, but they were later released. under investigation.

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