Which Batman story did the creator of Agent Stone make?

The film has become the new absolute hit on Netflix, becoming the most viewed content on the platform last weekend. But little is known about the man behind agent stone ,heart of stone), the service’s new original film starring Gal Gadot.

is about Greg Rucka, a man who is better known in the world of comics than in the film industry. In fact, he solidified his career between cartoons and later made the jump to audiovisual content.

Rucka is the screenwriter of the streaming service’s most recent premiere, a work he developed from one of his own stories.

This is his second job with Netflix after old guard, and it is the title of another film inspired by his works in The Ninth Art. that’s because before whiteout An adaptation was also made with Kate Beckinsale as the lead.

As it turns out, Rucka earned quite the reputation writing for Marvel and DC. But it was mainly with this last editorial that he gained considerable relevance, especially since he has written for the famous trinity of superheroes who run the brand. That’s right, he made his pen available to Superman, Wonder Woman, and of course, Batman.

It is one of the last works with this character that calls us to this article, because it is not only one of his unforgettable arcs. But it also served as an inspiration for one of his movies about Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight.

Greg Rucka

What did the creator of the Batman story do? agent stone,

Greg Rucka is best known as the author of this event in the comics. no man’s land, The work that significantly marked the Bruce Wayne stories with its edition in 1999.

The story addresses the events taking place in Gotham City after it is declared that the city is no longer part of the United States of America. after this Many major calamities befell the city.

in the arch HolocaustBatman had to deal firsthand with the devastating consequences of an earthquake that struck Gotham City at a magnitude of 7.6 on the Richter scale. later, according to the plot, were baptized fingeringA deadly strain of the Ebola virus spreads through Gotham City, forcing Azrael, Batman, Catwoman, Huntress, Nightwing and Robin to deal with a threat they cannot see.

and later, in legacy, a new branch of the apocalypse virus emerges, this time controlled by Ra’s al Ghul. The title Legacy refers to the mutant virus and Ra’s al Ghul’s efforts to find a suitable father for his grandchildren.

makes it all In hopes of rehabilitating the nearly destroyed city, the United States government declared it no man’s land, which effectively isolated the entire city on the island.

The bridges have been destroyed and any other means of entry or exit were guarded by US forces. While the JLA did not help with the quarantine for ethical reasons, they were busy preventing outside forces from conquering the city.

so, Gotham becomes a chaotic wasteland divided into various sectors that are distributed among the most powerful individuals, or at least those who prove to be so.,

Which Christopher Nolan film inspired Greg Rucka no man’s land,

However the director has never officially ruled on the effects. So far, fans believe that Oppenheimer’s director has incorporated aspects of various comics for The Dark Knight Rises.

known as arc no man’s land, The Dark Knight Returns, knight And batman: the culthas been cited as a clear influence for the 2012 film.

In fact, the most infamous aspect of Rucka’s job at TDKR is isolating Gotham, enforcing a quarantine of sorts. There were instances in which access was also cut off by blowing up city bridges with dynamite.


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