Which celebrities are banned and in which countries

For political or religious reasons, for the content of his lyrics, for some controversial statements or, simply, for his way of dressing: these are some reasons why some of the most prominent and popular personalities in the world have been banned in certain countries.

These vetoes have affected singers like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga or Beyoncé as well as actors like Brad Pitt or Richard Gere and They spread all over the world, from the United States and the United Kingdom to China, Malaysia or Russia. And it is that having all the money in the world is sometimes not enough to be able to travel freely. If you have ever wondered which celebrities are prohibited from accessing certain areas of the world, keep reading: These are some of the celebrities who have been affected by the vetoes of a country.


China is the country that has imposed the most bans on artists. Between them, highlights the veto that weighs on Katy Perrywho has been prohibited from entering the country since 2015, the year in which waved a Taiwanese flag during a performance on the island that drew the ire of the country’s leaderswhich do not recognize Taiwan as an independent region.

The singer is not the only artist who has suffered bans from China. like her, Justin Bieber and Jay-Z nor can they set foot in the country because they are considered “bad influences”while Miley Cyrus was banned from entering after she put on makeup to look asian. In addition, the music of Lady Gaga and Selena Gómez cannot be heard in the Asian country since they both uploaded a photograph to their networks accompanied by the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese occupation of Tibet has been a source of conflict with other celebrities. This is the case, for example, of Brad Pitt, who was banned for twenty years for starring in ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ (1997) or the former members of Oasis, a band that was branded inappropriate for having participated in a benefit concert in favor of Tibet in 1997.

Also, Richard Gerethat in 1993 denounced the conflict during the Oscars gala that presentedacknowledged in an interview in 2017 that he has not starred in a movie in Hollywood for more than a decade because the studios they fear that the Chinese giant will stop financing their projects, and in 2010 Bob Dylan was forced to cancel his Asian tour after China banned him from entering the country for allegedly supporting peace causes. Almost nothing.


China is not the only country where artists have trouble getting into. Despite being the country of ‘freedom’, The United States has also banned the entry of some artists. Among them, stands out cat stevens. After his conversion to Islam, the singer-songwriter spent more than three decades without touring the country. The reason? The authorities claimed he had links to terrorism.

Like him, the rapper MINE It has also been seen with the country of freedom, which on several occasions He has been denied entry because of his activism on behalf of the oppressed peoples of the Middle East.

Which celebrities are banned and in which countries

Selena Gomez has had problems with the Russian and Chinese authorities for having uploaded a photo with the Dalai Lama to her social networksEMPICS Entertainment/Cordon Press

United Kingdom

From the United States we traveled to the United Kingdom, where we also found some veto stories. Between them, highlights the one that was imposed on Chris Brown after the public domestic violence assaults he had subjected Rihanna to.


In Malaysia, some artists have had problems with the authorities for his clothing. It is the case of Beyoncewho had several concerts canceled for wearing too “provocative” clothes or Gwen Stefani, who in 2007 She was labeled “obscene” for her clothing and dance moves.

Also, Avril Lavigne who in 2008 also saw how they canceled some of their concerts after the Pan-Islamic Party sentenced that his clothes and letters were inappropriate for the young population.


The photograph with the Dalai Lama not only cost the ban in China to Selena Gomezotherwise also a ban on entry into Russiacountry that He reiterated his veto after the singer showed his support for the LGBT+ community.

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