Which celebrities have shown their support for Amber Heard?

yesi two days ago we told you who were the celebrities who supported Johnny Depp in his legal war against his ex-wife, among whom are Penelope Cruz, Sia or Winona Rydertoday we will reveal to you the B side of this also cold war of support, that is, the personalities who support Amber Heard in his version of events. Spoilers: they are less than those who support Depp.

After several trial sessions, there is a reality that is spreading throughout society and that is that the majority of people think that Johnny Depp is more innocent than Heard after listening to many of the audios and evidence presented by both parties.

However, the trial continues today until the six weeks stipulated by the Virginia courts, whose first session was held last April 11

The three celebrities who support Amber Heard: there are two exes

As in the case of Johnny Depp, there are past loves that appear in this small list, specifically two that are sent to testify in the trial and that have already starred in two suspicious recordings in an elevator with Heard. Some recordings that have been key to tip the moral balance in favor of Depp.

Without further delay, the first two supports of the protagonist of ‘Aquaman’ are, as you may be imagining, Elon Musk and James Franco. The actor and the new owner of Twitter, who were Heard’s lover and partner respectively between 2016 and 2018, are on the side of the actress today, defending her integrity as a wife and as a person in all this litigation.

The third person who would support Depp’s ex in her accusations is the British presenter Amanda de Cadenetwho in recent days has dedicated himself to retweeting several posts in which ‘Miss Heard’ is put in the role of victim.

Three supports from Heard compared to nine from Depp, not counting popular support, which is also on the side of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. However, in the end, the support or rejection that matters is that of the Virginia judge and court. In a month, the end of this soap opera will come, and whatever happens, what is clear is that both parties they have already lost.

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