Which famous director laughed at Bradley Cooper at the Oscars?

    Although we may think that with his airs of old Hollywood and his retro style Bradley Cooper is one of the most brilliant stars that have emerged in recent years, he has long been seen as an upstart and a spoiled brat by the Academy that he did not deserve the -there are already nine- nominations he has received at the Oscar Awards (4 as an actor, 4 as a producer and 1 for best screenplay adapted by A star has been born).

    A few days ago on the SmartLess podcast Cooper was completely honest. He said he was able to escape his addiction to alcohol and cocaine thanks to Will Arnett, one of the podcast’s hosts, openly calling him “an asshole.” And he presented himself as a man harassed in his career. Specifically, Cooper revealed how a “famous director”, an “asshole” in his words, humiliated him in public during an Oscars party. He did not give more names, but although Hollywood is full of “famous” directors and “assholes” in Esquire We have launched into the investigation. Which ruthless director immune to the bright side of things made fun of Bradley Cooper?

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    The account of the events is as follows. It was the year 2019 during the awards season in which he participated A star has been born. At an Oscars party, Cooper met an actress and “dear friend of hers” who was accompanied by a “famous director”. At that time he had already accumulated 7 nominations throughout his career and that actress had only 3. Then our mysterious director approached the sniper and blurted out:

    “What world do we live in so that you have 7 nominations and she only 3?”

    We don’t know what Cooper told him, but we do know what he wanted to say: “Man, why are you such an asshole?” In English, “Bro, why are you such an asshole?”. “I’ll never forget that, dammit. Go to hell,” the actor and musician vented on the podcast.

    Let’s review the facts: 2019, guests at the Oscars, an actress with 3 nominations, a famous director and “asshole” and someone Cooper can refer to as “bro”. In that season, recalls The Guardian, Emma Stone got her third nomination for The favourite. He had previously worked with Cooper on the film Hello and it is possible that they became friends. Neither Olivia Collman nor Rachel Weisz had three nominations at the time and neither Natalie Portman nor Marisa Tomei, who do meet this condition and are likely to have been invited, are proven friends of Cooper; they have also won an Oscar each -Cooper no- so the comparison would not have come to mind. Let’s say then to continue with the game that it was Emma Stone.

    bradley cooper and emma stone

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    Which director could Emma Stone be with at that moment? It was the year of Peter Farrelly, of Spike Lee, of Adam McKay, of Alfonso Cuarón in RomePawlikowski, Ryan Coogler, Bryan Singer and, of course, Yorgos Lanthimos who had just directed Stone in The favourite. If we eliminate fellow Marvel and more prudent directors like Cuarón we are left with four suspects to the bully of the night.

    Spike Lee seems like the perfect candidate. He is not the kind of director who keeps quiet about things and, a priori, it is not hard to see Cooper thinking of him as his “bro” or Lee despising the protagonist of The Sniper. But there are several problems. One, both have posed together in front of the cameras at various events since then and, above all, twoWhy would Spike Lee stomp on Cooper to flatter Emma Stone?

    19th Annual AFI Awards Cocktail Reception

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    Adam McKay has also never worked with Emma Stone but he knows everyone in Hollywood and could be trying to convince the actress to make a cameo in Don’t look up. He’s famous and it’s entirely believable that Cooper rubs shoulders with him like he’s his “brother”, but both have suffered from the same initial Hollywood scorn for doing light comedies and share a good relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. Let’s rule it out too.

    This leaves us with two options for the Oscar for the “asshole” who humiliated Bradley Cooper. Peter Farrelly and Yorgos Lanthimos. Both have worked at least indirectly at least once with Emma Stone, in The favourite Y Movie 43, where the Farrelly brothers filmed the first sketch (without Stone). It is not difficult to imagine either of them provoking Bradley Cooper’s desire for revenge or the actor treating them with total confidence. But we are inclined to think that the co-director of Two dumbs so dumbs feel some sympathy at least for Hangover in Las Vegas and if he played a prank on him he would have made sure that Cooper took it as such.

    And Lanthimos? Can a director capable of conceiving a film like Lobster treat an actor like this? Undoubtedly, it can. Meet all the conditions. It is inevitable that he was at the party with Emma Stone sharing his expectations that their film together would sweep the Oscars, he is from the same fifth as his “bro” Bradley Cooper, he has every reason to praise Stone’s talent and, finally, It is Yorgos Lanthimos.

    We will never know if it was really Lanthimos who said such a thing to Cooper or with what intention and, of course, all this has been nothing more than a game of speculation. But Cooper, Lanthimos and us have in common our fondness for thrillers. Let each one mount their film afterwards.

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