Which other celebrities admitted to using marijuana after Moriah Kassan’s controversial statement

The use of marijuana has always been discussed in society, some in favor of its recreational or medicinal use, others more reluctant to the idea of ​​incorporating this substance into their consumption. Last week, Moriah Kasan talked about the frequency with which she smokes and put the topic on the table again.

“One” is one of many in Argentina’s entertainment sector who advocates for cannabis since many have publicly acknowledged it, A main topic of debate is whether marijuana is addictive or not. On one side of the field are those who stay away from this plant and even reject its use.

Moriya Kassan in OLGA. /Instagram

On the other hand, there are also people who have managed to become more familiar with the many benefits offered by CBD and have made it public, as the news portal La Gaceta reports.

Famous Argentines who smoke marijuana

First of all, internationally, many celebrities have assured in interviews that they have a strong relationship with marijuana. While some manufacture entire lines of cannabis products, such as nicole kidman And kourtney kardashianOthers moved forward and invested in the plantation business, such as Mike Tyson, Martha Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Bella Thorne,

digest animal

The architect and theater director confessed that he was first exposed to marijuana when he was 21 or 22 years old. In an interview with Gaston Pauls, Pacano said: “I remember it was an amazing feeling… I’ve become creative, not indifferent“Exactly the opposite of what they say and what they explain.” And he added: “I smoke a joint like everyone else smokes, I’m no mask and I say that.”

sofia gala

According to his own description, his life was marked by the abuse of almost all existing drugs. Unlike his addictive relationship with cocaine, which he currently despises, marijuana consumption feels different to him and he believes so “We have to stop the theatrics.” When touching the subject.

Sophia Gala. /Instagram

Moriya’s daughter, who raised the issue in recent days, said; “To me, marijuana is a drug that you have to be careful with, like any substance. It seems to me that it is not such a self-flagellating and destructive drug. “It is becoming legal in most places, and there is a reason for that.”

dolores fonzi

In 2022, the multi-award winning actress obtained permission from the national health ministry to grow marijuana at home. Years ago, in THC magazine, the same magazine specializing in cannabis that had Moriah Kasson on its cover, she claimed that she smoked to get high. “A moment of complete relaxation” Or to sleep.

“I do everything I have to do during the day, I take the kids to the garden, I feed them, I bathe them, I feed them dinner, from tucking them to bed. First watch a movie, and then there I smoke a puff and it’s time to cut down on daily obligations,” Fonzie explained.

Maria Valenzuela

For a different purpose than the previous one, cannabis oil was one of the antidotes that the actress used to mitigate the damage caused by deep depression. ,They do me great good for depression and eating issues., Did you know that people in their 60s or 70s take cannabis drops for bone and muscle problems? It’s proven that he does very well,” Valenzuela said at the Mirtha LeGrand table.

Maria Valenzuela turned to Instagram to ask for help with her health.

daddy briva

“Faso generates another social formality (…) If you want, everything is fine and if you don’t want, too,” he said in this regard, adding: “Marijuana is like other substances. No, it’s not shameful, you can look in the mirror, that’s another story, although I don’t go that dark anymore,” said Daddy Brieva to THC in 2017.

He also said he would like his son to have “two puffs of Faso” instead of drinking an entire liter of beer at a barbecue. “It’s less harmful”, Agreed. The comedian concluded at the time, “If my son grew his own plants, I’d be rooting for him.”


One of the singers of the moment and valid for the future, the music singer said that a few years ago he had an addictive relationship with relaxation pills. “I got into the habit of taking Xanax and for whatever reason I take a pill,” Dukey said.

However, that consumption turned to marijuana. Elaborating, the singer said: “When I started leaving them, Joint was the only thing that helped me relax, “This way I reduced the anxiety that social pressure and fame had created in me.”

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