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Although we just passed the days of Good End 2022when Mexican consumers found in the Cheapest weekend of the year offers and promotions what they were waiting for to get the products they needed, and perhaps indulge themselves, with different discount prices or purchases for months without interest with their credit cards, many people are already looking at the start of Black Friday in the United States but which also echoes in our country.

Also called Black Friday in Mexico, it is a day in which American consumers celebrate days of offers similar to those that were experienced this weekend on this side of the border but that some users also want to take advantage of due to the geographical proximity as well as the facilities that electronic commerce allows with online purchases to join the celebration of this discount program that it gets used to immediately after Thanksgiving, so it falls after the third Thursday of November, that is, this Friday the 25th.

It is not a strictly Mexican tradition, but Black Friday is felt in the Republic with some offers that certain establishments offer their customers both in physical format and in some online stores.

If you did not find what you were looking for in this Good End 2022, you can find some promotions that interest you on this Black Friday, or wait until next Monday for the day of the Cyber ​​Monday.

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Specifically, the stores that join Black Friday 2022 from Mexico are the establishments of Apple, Amazon Mexico, Casetify, Costco, Ebay, Linio, Liverpool, Mercado Libre or Walmart that offer their promotions and discounts in national territory.

Despite being a campaign to boost the US economy in the season leading up to Christmas so that consumers anticipate their gifts, it also reaches other countries and in the case of Mexicans who live near the northern border, it is also possible to cross into the US to enjoy the day of shopping as it usually happens in Canada too.

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But if your thing is shopping online, that will not be necessary for you to make your purchases without having to go to the establishments in person and take advantage of the discounts.

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