While Cristiano arrives at Al-Nassr, is Messi presented with Pumas? – Fox Sports

While Cristiano Ronaldo waits to be presented with the Al Nassr, Lionel Messi He already posed with the shirt of the cougars.

And it is that, after being world champion, Messi returned to his native Argentina to spend a vacation period and live with his family, a period in which he took the opportunity to support the sweater of the university group.

Messi appeared in a photo holding the Pumas shirt, with the number 9 of Juan Ignacio Dinennovarsity forward. Immediately, the image went viral on social networks, causing the fans surprise.

As if that were not enough, Pumas took up the image and posted it on his Twitter account with the message: “I nullify muffa”a phrase that became famous during the Qatar World Cup 2022 and with what they sought to remove bad luck from the results of the Albiceleste.

Immediately, many fans played with the possibility of Messi signing with Pumas, and even more so now that Cristiano Ronaldo has signed with him. al nassr from Saudi Arabiaa move that seemed unreal two months ago.

For now, Pumas will continue dreaming of having Lionel Messi in his ranks, but for now he can already boast that the world champion held his jersey with Juan Ignacio Dinenno’s 9.

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