While Cristiano was told to shut up, what Rooney did when he saw Chicharito

Wayne Rooney and what he thinks of Javier Hernández
Wayne Rooney and what he thinks of Javier Hernández

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The legend of Manchester United, Wayne Rooney, is recognized worldwide for what he achieved in the English team and has a great memory, even greater than that left by Cristiano Ronaldo or Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández at the time, now he is reunited with the Mexican.

Rooney has been one of the most critical former players in the Manchester United environment, in fact, when Cristiano Ronaldo arrived for the second time in the Red Devils box, he railed against the Portuguese and even told him to silence the mouth.

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“It’s a distraction that Manchester United don’t need at the moment, when they are trying to rebuild. For Cristiano, you just have to put your head down and work and be ready to play when the coach needs it ”, Rooney downloaded at the time. Now the Englishman surprises after meeting Chicharito again.

The current coach of DC United visited the LA Galaxy facilities where he had the opportunity to talk with Javier Hernández, with whom he shared a pleasant moment and even took some photos. Chicharito posted an emotional message in favor of the Mexican.

What does Rooney think of Chicharito?

The former Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, in an interview for ESPN, acknowledged that Javier Hernández is a fantastic player and that if he were in his hands he would like to have him on his team. For his part, Chicharito said that it is nice to meet great friends like the former English player.

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