While Guzmán burns in Chivas, what Cortizo would win in Rayados

While Guzmán suffers in Chivas, what Cortizo would win
While Guzmán suffers in Chivas, what Cortizo would win

Víctor Guzmán is one of the best players in Mexican soccer today, not for nothing is he the current champion of the Mx League with the Tuzos del Pachuca, in addition to the fact that he was not called up by the Mexican National Team for the Qatar World Cup 2022 was a real surprise.

It was not for nothing that there were a lot of teams within the Mexican competition that were fighting over his possible signing, and one of the many was the case of the Rayados del Monterrey, who, according to the Mexican journalist from TUDN, Diego Armando Medina, fought for having him in their ranks.

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However, in the end they could not reinforce their squad with Guzmán, as the player ultimately decided to join the Chivas del Guadalajara team, since he had declared to the media for a long time that he always wanted to have a rematch at that club, since the last time things could not be given.

However, the Sultana del Norte team would not have been left with nothing, since the arrival of one of the new signings for the following season, the 2023 Closing Tournament of the Mx League, was recently made official, being the case of the media Mexican offensive fielder, Jordi Cortizo.

What Cortizo would win in Rayados

Many of the Monterrey fans prefer Cortizo to Guzmán in the team, as they argue that his speed can give them much more offensive play, not for nothing will he be one of the best paid within the institution, because according to Salary Sport, he would earn more than ten million pesos a year with Rayados.

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