While “Pique suffers”, Shakira erects a wall between her and her in-laws

The announcement had the effect of a media bomb: after 11 years of official relationship, Shakira and Gérard Piqué are no longer in a relationship. The footballer allegedly cheated on his girlfriend with a 22-year-old woman, whose identity is not yet known.

Shakira and Gérard Piqué formed one of the most popular couples on the planet people. They’ve faced breakup rumors in the past, and they’ve always been able to get back on track. This time is the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Shakira seems to be determined to cut ties with Pique and his family, which is why she plans to build a wall between their common houses, in order to no longer have contact with the footballer’s parents.

In all this history, who is the woman at the origin of this rupture?

Singer Shakira. І Source: Getty Images


Rumors about the breakup between Gérard Piqué and Shakira hit the headlines in early April 2022. They finally turned out to be true. The 45-year-old Colombian singer has confirmed her breakup with Gérard Piqué (35), after 11 years of relationship and two children together.

The singer said:

“We regret to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, which is our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding.”

According to several media, Shakira would have decided to separate from the father of her two children after having surprised him with another woman. None of the parties has confirmed this information, but it seems increasingly plausible.

The couple separated after 11 years of relationship. As a reminder, they met in 2010 during the filming of the clip for the song (by Shakira) ¨Waka Waka¨ for the World Cup in South Africa. They started dating and they formalized their relationship in 2011.

FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Pique and his partner Colombian singer Shakira attend the 2014-2015 Turkish Airlines Basketball Euroleague match 2 match between FC Barcelona and Olympiacos Piraeus at Palau Blaugrana on 17 April 2015 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. І Source: Getty Images

They have two children: Milan (born in 2012) and Sasha (born in 2015).


It’s still difficult to accept that we should no longer speak of Gérard Piqué and Shakira as a couple. Spanish journalist Silvia Taules has made some interesting revelations regarding Milan and Sasha’s parents.

Shakira and her two children. І Source: Getty Images

As a reminder, in 2017, the couple was already facing separation rumors. Shortly after, the FC Barcelona star responded to his detractors by posting a video with the singer.

According to Silvia Taules, that year, Pique and Shakira would have already come close to separating to the point of arguing quite violently in the middle of the street:

“They fought in the middle of the street in front of everyone”,

she revealed.

This incident allegedly altered the singer’s voice, which is why she canceled part of her tour at the time. A few weeks later, Gérard Piqué posted pictures of their reconciled couple.

FC Barcelona soccer player Erard Pique and his partner singer Shakira attend the Turkish Airlines Euroleague 2013-2014 Regular Season match between FC Barcelona Regal and Fenerbahce Ulker Istanbul at Palau Blaugrana on November 29, 2013 in Barcelona , in Spain. І Source: Getty Images

Alas, the situation happened again and this time, there does not seem to be any possible reconciliation.

It turns out that the rumors of the footballer’s infidelity have been circulating again for quite a while. However, there was no proof, and it was a situation that bothered Shakira.

To get to the bottom of it, she would have requested the services of a private detective agency. According to the program ¨El Gordo y la Flaca¨, this is how the Colombian singer discovered the truth.

Annoyed by this situation, Shakira would have made a strong decision to definitively seal their now ex-relationship. The house (located in the municipality of Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona) in which she lived with Piqué, was surrounded by two other houses, with a swimming pool common to all three.

Each of the two neighboring houses was respectively intended for the parents of Shakira and those of Pique.

After announcing their breakup, Shakira would have decided to destroy the common access that these houses share. She would like to build a separation wall so that her ex-in-laws can no longer communicate with her house.

According to journalist Laura Fe:

¨Shakira very seriously appreciates not communicating from one house to another (…) It is no longer her family and she would like to divide the common areas”.

The situation could therefore be more tense, and Shakira seems to be ready to go all the way.


Since the announcement of their breakup, Shakira has given no information about them. On the contrary, she remained active on social networks, regularly posting information about her father’s state of health.

Gérard Piqué has since suffered a great wave of criticism from all walks of life. He can count on the support of a person of weight: the president of FC Barcelona.

Joan Laporta defended his player saying this:

“Pique is suffering at the moment. In the collective unconscious, we imagine footballers with fame, money and everything else, but they are human beings and Pique is a good person (…) He has gone through a situation that is not pleasant, with very young children and he deserves the esteem and affection of his fans”.

FC Barcelona’s Gerard Pique and Shakira pose with the trophy after FC Barcelona won the Copa del Rey final match against Athletic Club at Camp Nou on May 30, 2015 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. І Source: Getty Images

He also added:

“Don’t pay attention to the rumors that portray him as a frivolous man, without feelings, that nothing touches. I am lucky to know him and to treat him as a being. He is an extraordinary person who is currently suffering. And we have to help him. I’ll be the first to give him the love he deserves.”

Who is the famous woman who caused the breakup of this mythical couple?

Gérard Piqué and Shakira exchange a magnificent look full of love. І Source: Getty Images

According to several reports, it would be a 22-year-old woman, who worked as a hostess and waitress in one of Gérard Piqué’s companies. The person concerned, who responds to the initials ¨CM¨, gave an exclusive interview to the program ¨Telecinco¨.

Contrary to what we thought, this is not the right person:

“I would like to clarify that I do not know Gerard Pique at all, they linked me to him for no reason because of the description of the supposed girl and they assigned me his role taking advantage of the fact that I did not account on social networks”,

she blurted out.

The young woman is totally right, because the media have made a confusion. The real concerned responds to the initials ¨CC¨ and not ¨CM¨. She reportedly lives in Barcelona and attended several Pique games.

Gérard Piqué, Shakira and their two children. І Source: Getty Images

We hope the two stars can find some common ground, if only for the sake of their children.

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