white linen like Angelina Jolie in Rome

THE linen pants I am the white flag against the scorching heat of summer. Temperatures rise and we no longer know what to wear. How to dress to come to the office? What to wear on a first date to be chic without dying of heat? The rule to keep in mind is that simplicity isn’t boring at all. And surely those who have made minimalism and casual style a real philosophy of life agree. Angelina Jolie she returned to directing and was recently paparazzi on the streets of Rome with a couple of White trousers, which will never tire us. Perfect from morning to evening and ready to ensure freshness and lightness by caressing the skin without weighing it down, i linen pants by Angelina Jolie they are the perfect work uniform to spend an entire day on set. Directing the film Bloodlessinspired by the novel by Alessandro Baricco, Angelina Jolie it appears elegant wrapped in the lightness of the lines.

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Angelina Jolie was spotted on the streets of the Eternal City with a total white suit. Among the coolest fabrics of the summer, linen reigns supreme among the Summer 2022 fashion trends because it is light, not adherent to the skin and able to absorb sweat better than cotton or silk. The highlight of the total look sported by the actress and director is the linen trousers which is characterized by a very long and very wide silhouette. These are precisely the qualities that the perfect trousers of our summer dreams must have. The must-have garment for when it’s hot and you want to be comfortable, without giving up a refined touch. The linen trousers worn by Angelina Jolie is characterized by its volume becomes even more generous with the pleats that open from the waist to the hips, creating soft waves.

How to wear Angelina Jolie’s linen pants?

The director and actress opted for the simplest and most immediate outfit ever, that one total white and total linen. Angelina Jolie paired the white pants with a simple tank top with spaghetti straps and a retro-style square neckline. To complete it all, a pair of brown flat mules by Valentino Garavani. And this is how linen trousers are worn in elegant coordinated looks with a wide shirt even in a masculine style or in a more sensual version by choosing ribbed tank tops worn even without a bra for a good dose of coolness. Linen trousers can also be worn on the beach combined with elegant one-piece swimsuits and flat sandals. THE linen pants they are, ultimately, the must-have item of Summer 2022.

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