who are the celebrities born under this zodiac sign?

Emeline Freté

Aries have a strong character and do not hesitate to make themselves heard. It is not for nothing that a good number of celebrities were born under this astrological sign.

Were you born between March 21 and April 19? Congratulations, you are Aries! This fire sign is known to be particularly ambitious and never gives up in the face of difficulties. Many French and international stars were born under this sign of the zodiac and it is surely no coincidence!

Celebrities born under the sign of Aries

First sign of the zodiac, Aries has a strong character and does not get along with all the astrological signs. If impulsiveness is one of his worst faults, he has many qualities that allow him to go far in life and succeed in all his projects. It’s certainly no coincidence that so many celebrities are Aries.

Celine Dion, huge international star, was born on March 30. Ambitious, fighter, talented… the singer is indeed an Aries! The 54-year-old star knows how to be heard and never gave up despite the vagaries of life. She is therefore particularly inspiring for people of the same astrological sign as her.

Zazie, Brigitte Macron…

Among the Aries singers, Zazie is also a must in France. I am a man, In my place, One point is you… everyone has already hummed one of his titles at least once. Very discreet about her private life, the artist is particularly appreciated and not lacking in generosity. She participated 26 times in the Enfoirés!

As for the actors, Emma Watson, star of Harry Potter, is also an Aries. The young woman, humanitarian, fights for the rights of women in the world. In 2014, she became the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

Finally, Brigitte Macron was born on April 13 and is therefore an Aries. The First Lady, always very classy, ​​has a very important role and supports Emmanuel Macron every day. Very discreet about her private life, she is charismatic and has never lacked ambition. For more Aries celebrities, check out the gallery above!

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