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A week ago, a group of ten miners were trapped after the collapse of a bit in the coal mine in Villa de Agüita, Sabinas, Coahuila. Although the authorities have tried to rescue them, the work has been complicated due to the water in the area.

In MILLENNIUM We tell you who are the miners who were trapped after the accident and their stories.

Jaime Montelongo (61 years old)

Jaime Montelongo Perez

The man helped two workers out of the well minutes after the collapse. The water was already up to Jaime’s waist and despite the fact that his companions asked him to go up to the dairy to be safe, he decided to go in search of more miners. She no longer came out of the well.

Sergio Gabriel Cruz Gaytán (41 years old)

Sergio Gabriel Cruz Gaitan

For 23 years, the man has been engaged in mineral extraction. He started working at the coal mine in Villa de Agüita, Sabinas, two months ago. His family, made up of his wife and two daughters, waiting for him at home. The mining trade he inherited his father’s; most of his family is devoted to it.

Margarito Rodriguez Palomares (39 years old)

From a very young age he began his working life; Proof of this are the enormous calluses that he has on his hands. In the months of November and December always they fired him so as not to pay him a bonus. When he heard of a new well opening, he was among the first to apply for the job.

Mario Alberto Cabriales (45 years old)

Mario Alberto Cabriales Uresti

Have two children and has always worked in the mining.

Jose Rogelio Moreno Bleach and Jose Rogelio Moreno Morales

Father and sons trapped

Father and son are trapped. Moreno Morales warned about the presence of water inside the well. For their relatives, faith remains alive and they trust that they are alive in some corner of the coal complex.

Ramiro Torres Rodriguez (22 years old)

The young man did not have the same fate asand his brother Aureliano, because he is still trapped in a place in the mine. His relatives describe him as honest and hard-working. He is married and justs a few days ago his firstborn was born. His mother cries inconsolably and crying out for help to rescue him.

Hugo Tijerina Amaya (29 years old)

Hugo Tijerina Amaya.

He was working in the well. His brother Raymundo managed to get out; he recounted how when the canyon was flooded, he took hold of some hoses.

Jose Luis Mirales

Jose Luis Mirales

His relatives are waiting for a miracle in the coal pit. Her son longs for him to come back soon.

Jorge Luis Martinez Valdez (34 years old)

Jorge Luis Martinez

Work in the mine because it is the sole source of employment; although the pay is not good. The miners receive a salary ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 pesos per week. Have a Check-in time, but not check-out.


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