Who do we believe? Starling Marte denies the president of the federation

Three Kings Day brought not very pleasant news to Dominican soil, since it was announced that the team that would represent the country in the World Baseball Classic would not have one of the key players in the championship achieved in 2013 undefeated. . The president of the Dominican Baseball Federation, Juan Núñez confirmed that the Dominican outfielder will not recover in time for the event to be held in March.

Marte underwent abdominal surgery last November, this injury was suffered in the second part of the MLB regular season. Marte belongs to the New York Mets in the big leagues and comes from hitting for an average .292 batting average, an .814 OPS, 18 stolen bases, a .347 OBP and a .468 slugging percentage. The player has shown that when he is healthy he can contribute to the outfielder and that he has the necessary tools to create situations and put the ball in play, it should be remembered that in 2021 it was stolen 47 bases and was only captured in five occasions.

Photo taken from an Instagram story of the player’s own account.

After the news emerged, hours later the player would use his Instagram to say: ”That news is strange, who gets me out?, expressed the player in a story on the social network. Marte leaves in between saying that he is available to go to the tournament and that he would not be missing what would be his third World Classic. This “shock” is quite unusual since the president of the federation had said that he did not have the player due to the injury and that up to now he was the only casualty he could confirm, he also made it clear that there are players who are already is aware that they will not be able to participate and that the federation has until the february fifth to deliver the list 35 players.

The player’s health has been a problem in recent years and this has led the Mets to move him from center field to the corners to take care of his health, Marte doesn’t usually spend a lot of time on the injured list if we look at the number of games played In recent years, however, he usually visits the disabled list due to one or another muscle injury.

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