Who is an international star? Les indexes sur la Reine de glace!

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The Mask of the Singer is a movie. Vendredi dans el troisième number of a real divertissement Camilla Combal, these celebrities for an encore and lice not a leopard, déjà de masc for the public, they met at the 31st place for the rendering of celebrity films, not The Lion King, in the presence of a musical comedy troupe. The tandis que le jury of Laurent Ruquier, Ines Reg, Chantal Ladezou and Kev Adams will still be the most important, the evening will also mark the appearance of the international premiere of this six-year season. In the announcement released by TF1, after revealing that he will take on the appearance of the Queen of the Eye, with a costume consisting of miruars. Spectators at the magnet and the performance will be able to try to find out the identity of this person.” a true legend “Say the word! ” Incredible “, ” La c’est du lourd “, ” it’s délire de ouf! “, ” this is dingueri “exclamation of lawyers, impressions of this person who continues the world.

The Dailymotion player is on the charging train…

“This is wrong Rihanna

Sur le compte Instagram, official de l’émission, les images de l’entrée sur le plato de la Reine de glace distillent quelques quelques précieuses pour les enquêteurs. Accompanying two guards, an international star from Paris and Saint-Tropez, most of all in Villedieu-le-Poel, the city is not the original Pierre Garnier. A little deception for the wizard of “Star Academy”! Two indexes are launching the Internet in the singer’s footsteps. ” Grammy Awards ceremony in honor of the victory » open the production “The Mask Singer”. Une precision de Taille Néanmoins: si la Reine de Glace « Shine like a diamond “, this is wrong Rihanna who is hiding the sou-le suit…

Katy Perry or Gloria Gaynor in The Masked Singer?

In a series of “Touche pas à mon poste” programs, Guillaume Jeanton assures that TF1 is the only one in the world who offers a star worthy of this name. ” L’info, it’s qu’ils ont une star qui n’a pas encore été devoilée, qu’on a vue, but it can’t be more than that. Ils l’ont payée 500,000 euros. This premiere is what the patient of the international star also has. ” confirm the chronicle of Cyril Hanun, which adds: ” I don’t want it to be a rapport with football, abs or lower back.

LIRA – The Masked Singer: There’s a “Hippopotamus” on the demo, and it’s a famous actor-singer!

Some Internet users, as they say, are convinced Katy Perry ! With “Mask Singer,” the American pop star who won the 2016 Super Bowl title offers the perfect media showcase ahead of her big comeback with a new album. Since she is married to Orlando Bloom, film star… Pour d’autres, the Queen of Voice will be Gloria Gaynor, diva of the derrière l’hymne des Bleus “I will survive” in 1998, voire même… Taylor Swift, who has held four high-profile concerts at Paris’s La Défense arena and little Travis Kelce is an American football player, the Kansas City Chiefs announced their last Super Bowl. Sellers Meeting to Save Hearts!

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