Who is Argentina’s new President Javier Miley?

Iguazu (LaVozDeCataratas) Miley gained her popularity by appearing on television sets as an economic commentator. With his loud and provocative style, he soon became an undeniable character in local prime time, and some of the eccentric qualities of his personality propelled him to television stardom.

Some examples of his lifestyle that he made public: He lives with five English Mastiff dogs, weighing about 100 kg each, whom he calls his family and four of them are named after economists he admires: Milton (Friedman), Murray ( Rothbard), Robert and Lucas (both American Nobel laureates Robert Lucas).

His emergence in politics: During his appearances on screen, he had the idea of ​​entering public management and in August 2020 he took a big leap: he announced his presidential candidacy for 2023. He was the first person to do so.

In 2021, he held public positions. His party La Libertad Avanza won two seats in the Chamber of Deputies. One is occupied by him, the other by his vice presidential candidate Victoria Villarruel. And in this Sunday’s primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections (PASO), he emerged as the individual candidate with the most votes.

His credentials are to be the candidate of what he calls the “political anti-caste”, which, according to him, would be traditional politicians privileged in the current situation, who do not want change. His motto: “I have not come to guide the lambs, I have come to awaken the lions.”

While other political parties resolve their internal issues, Miley raises issues in the public debate. Dollarization of the currency and, in his words, “mobilizing” the Central Bank are two measures he repeats like a mantra. A few weeks earlier, he announced the addition of two economic advisers to his party: Roque Fernández and Carlos Rodríguez, both senior officials in the Carlos Menem presidency (1989–1999). Following the reception, Rodríguez contradicted Miley in local media, declaring that “it is impossible to convert the economy to dollars in December or next year.” He also clarified that the dismantling of the main banking unit is “just a campaign slogan.”

More controversial ideas:

La Libertad Avanza’s deputy does not stop generating controversy. He spoke in favor of the open sale of firearms and human organs. “Why does the state have to regulate everything? He said, “My first property is my body.” Shortly thereafter, the National Central Single Ablation and Implant Coordinating Institute (INCUCAI) rejected his statements and reminded that organ trading is prohibited by law.

Regarding the law on voluntary termination of pregnancy, he is an outspoken opponent: “We are characterized by the protection of the right to life, property and liberty,” he said in a recent interview.

PASO and the votes Miley got in the first round

The 2023 electoral race officially began with open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections, PASO provided the first surprise. In a deck of about 30 candidates, the candidate with the most votes, although by a slight margin, was Javier Miley from the La Libertad Avanza party.

According to official results, in PASO, Miley, as the sole candidate of his political force, La Libertad Avanza, won 30% of the vote, a little more than 7.1 million out of 35.4 million on Argentina’s voter list.

In the first round, the election was reversed: Massa took the lead and Miley, the candidate with the most votes in the primaries, failed to maintain his position and dropped to second place.

According to provisional results as of November 2, Miley remained practically stable, gaining 7,884,336 votes in the first round, with an increase of almost 800,000.

On Sunday, November 19, Sergio Massa finally spoke publicly when hours had passed since voting had closed, and admitted his defeat in the runoff. Thus, Javier Miley became the future President of Argentina.


Author and speaker (2007 – 2023)

He published over 50 academic articles and is the author of 11 books; Among them, Economic Policy Against the Clock (2014), Again Soup: Maquinita, Inflata, Devaluta (2016) and the most recent The Path of the Libertarian (2022) and The End of Inflation (2023). Miley announced that he makes his living as an economist by giving lectures to businessmen: for each of them he charges between 10,000 and 25,000 dollars.

actor. Heroes of the drama “Miley’s Office” (2018 – 2019)

Miley was the actor of his own character in a play in which he shared the bill with Claudio Rico, Diego Sucalesca and his sister Karina. The show surpassed one million pesos (2018) at the box office and was exported to Miami, New York and Spain. It was directed by Nieto Artaza, who had already jumped from the stage to Congress, and was the first showcase (beyond television) that the economist had. During the performance, he sang a liberal hymn to the tune of La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi and broke a cardboard Central Bank with a shovel.

University professor (2004 – 2018)

He was professor of microeconomics, monetary theory, financial theory, economic development and mathematical economics at the University of Buenos Aires and the University of Salvador. Eyewitnesses say that in his classes he was a “very emotional” teacher. One of his students was Ramiro Marra, liberal candidate for head of government: in 2005, he studied microeconomics at the University of Salvador. Marra says sarcastically, “If you mentioned Keynes, you wouldn’t approve of it.”

Chief Economist of Corporation America (2008 – 2021)

Miley worked at Corporation America and was also an economic advisor to the companies Proden SA and Helporte SA (dedicated to public works), all of which were owned by Eduardo Ernekian, owner of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000. When the spark between Ernekian and Mauricio Macri began, the Miley Corporation gained ground inside America. He began his appearances on TV.

Chief Economist of the Accord Foundation (2013 – 2016)

Miley worked for this think tank, which supported the presidential campaign of Daniel Scioli, the former governor of Buenos Aires Province, in 2015. The foundation was led by Guillermo Francos, close to Ernekian and director of Banco Provincia during his second term. .Former Motonaut’s.

Advisor to the Argentine Government at ICSID (2007)

Miley participated in the defense of Argentina in 5 cases at the ICSID, where he faced lawsuits from companies who accused the Argentine government of policies adopted after the 2001 crisis leading to the decline in their value and exit from convertibility. Imposed. Miley justified the privatization of energy rates by arguing that, if they had remained in dollars, “the companies would have had serious collection problems.”

Broda Study Coordinator (2004)

Miley served as the coordinating economist for Miguel Ángel Broda’s study. He was there for only four months, but Miley herself recalled in her book The Libertarian Path that “the experience was wonderful.” “I actually learned the work of a professional economist,” the liberal explains in his text.

Maxima AFJP Chief Economist (2002 – 2003)

Miley described work during this period as “very hard”. His job, the liberal economist recalls in one of his books, was to get reports from consulting firms to make “aesthetic criticisms, more or less theoretically valid, but still specious”.

Senior Economist at HSBC Bank (1996 – 2002)

The liberal did business valuation work for HSBC. This was one of his first solid work experiences.

“To make the task more fun for me, I gave the documents a lot of microfoundations,” he says in his book The Libertarian Path.

Adviser to Antonio Bussi in Congress (1994 – 1995)

Miley advised a former military man convicted of crimes against humanity during his time as a National Deputy in the National Congress. Miley said he worked for them on only two bill-related contracts, one on citrus and one on sugar cane. In response to the criticism he received, he said, “I did my job, it’s over and I’m gone.” Riccardo Bussi, the son of a former military man, was Miley’s candidate in Tucumán this year.

Trainee at the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) (1992 – 1993)

Sergio Massa accused her during the last presidential debate of not renewing that internship and linking it to alleged mental health reasons. Miley said that he was very young and she did not give it importance. He said that everyone faces some failure in their working life.

Goalkeeper in the lower divisions of Chacarita (1987)

According to people close to the former football player, he started with good qualities in the ninth division club of San Martín in 1984. Miley says that at one time in her life she had to decide between studies or playing football. In 1989, and after spending six years in Chacarita’s youth divisions, he decided to hang up his gloves to dedicate himself fully to his studies. Miley is a Boca fan, but thinks Undertaker’s tricolor shirt is her own.

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