Who is Ariana Grande’s showbiz older brother Frankie Grande? The LGBT artist is friends with Madonna, performed in the Celine Dion Titanic musical parody and was in a troupe before meeting Hal Lyons.

It’s not hard to tell that Ariana and Frankie Grande are brother and sister. Both endowed with fine features and delicate bone structure, their visual similarities are striking. And while Ariana is famous around the world for her incredible voice, it seems like her big brother was born to perform, too.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the enthusiastic, makeup-wearing 40-year-old said he came out to his sister as gay when she was just 11 years old, and the pair are still close to each other today. In fact, the “Thank U, Next” singer was seen in public for the first time since Divorce from Dalton Gomez when she appeared rocky horror show in Pennsylvania, in which his brother was starring.

So what else do we know about Frankie Grande?

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Frankie and Ariana Grande’s mother is Joan

Frankie, Ariana and Joan Grande used to dress up like characters from The Wizard of Oz at the time. Photo: @frankiejgrande/Instagram

According to People, Frankie and Ariana were both born Joan Grande and grew up in Boca Raton, Florida. Frankie is Joan’s eldest child, who lived with her first husband Victor Marchionne, while Ariana came along 10 years later after meeting Joan’s second husband, Ed Butera.

Half-brother Frankie Grande and Ariana Grande have the same mother, Joan Grande. Photo: @frankiejgrande/Instagram

Frankie told Billboard magazine that as a child, she loved playing dress-up and doing her mother’s makeup. Ariana later said that her brother’s LGBTQ+ identity had a big impact on her. “There is nothing more infectious than the joy and love displayed by the LGBTQ community,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter) in 2018. “I was taught to do my makeup by queens in gay bars in New York City.”

Frankie calls Ariana his “best friend”

Frankie and Ariana Grande are “yin and yang,” according to the LGBTQ+ star. Photo: @therianaarchives/Instagram

The pair are apparently extremely close, and Frankie has said that he is proud to have grown up in a family where it was okay to be gay. “I came out to her when she was just 11 years old,” he told Attitude magazine. She said her sister’s response was simply: “Great, when will I meet your boyfriend?”

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asked about tamron hall show If he received relationship advice from his sister, he would respond positively. “She’s my sister and she’s my best friend, so we talk Everything,” he told the host. “We learn from each other’s experiences…we talk about mistakes, we talk about successes…you learn.”

“We’re very yin and yang,” he also told Attitude. “She’s very cool and I’m very crazy so we’re in perfect balance.”

Like her pop star sister, she’s a born artist

Frankie Grande said that playing Victor Garber in the off-Broadway show Titanic was the “biggest dream” of his life. Photo: @frankiejgrande/Instagram
With the motto of “Go Grande or go home”, as seen in the online video clip, Frankie is the opposite of shy. A lover of acting and theatre, he has performed in a number of raunchy, often cheeky performances ranging from award-winning Celine Dion musical parody titanic for solo cabaret act living the big life and, most recently, a regional theater production of rocky horror show,

The lively star was also on series 16 of American elder brother In 2014, where she hid her identity from the other housemates for a portion of the show. He finished fifth out of 16 contestants.

he was in a group once

Frankie Grande was having an affair with married couple Danielle Sinasohn and Mike Poffis, but it did not work out. Photo: @guiltynewsfr/Instagram
Grande admitted to the world in 2018 that she was once part of a “groupie” with married couple Daniel Sinsohn and Mike Poffis. talking to us weekly Heidi Klum’s Halloween event That year, he said that both men “complete me in different ways and I’m honored to be in this special, very fun relationship.”

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However, he later told Tamron Hall that when he told Madonna about their relationship queen of pop Was not impressed. “Well, this is not going to end well,” he allegedly told her. And she turned out to be right. Grande told Hall that even though the relationship didn’t work out, it taught her that she wanted to be in a monogamous couple with her special someone. He joked, “As my sister says, I’m very grateful to my ex-wife.”

He proposed to his husband in virtual reality

Happily, Grande found what she was looking for a year later when she met actor and live streamer Hal Lyons. While they were both wearing VR headsets, they played “Will You Marry Me?” Proposed to Leon by getting down on one knee in the virtual world of giant plants amidst the sea. Banners and fireworks.

Frankie and Halle Grande married on “Star Wars Day” – May 4 – in 2022. Photo: @hallegrande/Instagram

The couple got married star wars-Themed ceremony on May 4, 2022, officiated by Grande’s mother Joan. “We’re idiots,” Grande told Tamron Hall.

The couple has a toy poodle named Appa, and Grande told People that they have talked about having kids one day. “When I make that movie-star money, darling, we can talk about a family,” he joked, adding that until then his priorities are a little different: “I’m still on that stupid record.” Want to be able to.” birkin bag, Those little ones are so cute…eventually this will be my baby bag, but for now, it’s just my bag.’

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