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Did you imagine that the year 2023 would give one of the most important news in Colombian sports? Did you know Devis Vasquez? Well, that message that one always sends hours before the end of the year about dreams and desires that wait to be fulfilled came true for Vásquez. Overnight, the big rumor appeared on the first day of January and 2023 that they put a coffee player on Milan’s radar.

In the absence of officialization, Devis Vásquez is already in Milan to sign with one of the historic clubs in the world and that has opened the doors to Colombian players as well as Serie A, an Italian league that has always shown a taste for South Americans. and for the coffee talent. A surprising legion that continues to grow year after year in Italy.

And well, you may wonder, who is Devis Estiven Vásquez Llach? On May 12, 1998, a man was born in Barranquilla who sooner or later was going to fulfill the dream of any player: leave his country, and why not, think about reaching one of the best clubs and leagues in the world. In addition, he can also be on the squad list of a team representing the country, and because of his performances, and because of the generational change that must occur in the Colombian National Team, the name of the 24-year-old goalkeeper appears.

But how did the Devis Vásquez story begin? The goalkeeper born in Barranquilla began his sports career in Cortuluá, but he had little regularity in the whole of Valle del Cauca. Looking for better options, he jumped to Patriotas de Boyacá where he was from 2016 to 2018. Owner of his pass, they lent it to La Equidad and he spent a few months in the capital team where he played in three commitments, all of them in the Sub category. -20 without the opportunity to be promoted to the senior team. He added 270 minutes as a starter in these matches, training in the Copa Conmebol Libertadores in the youth category.

Devis Vásquez, seeing that he had no opportunities in his country, went out in search of fulfilling the great dream of continuing his sports career abroad and there the option of playing with the Guaraní Club of Paraguay appeared. 2020 was the key year for Vásquez to join a team that finally gave him ownership, but it was not easy either. He spent a year or so trying to win the bow, a position for only one man and with a lot of competition, which, finally, a year later, he managed to establish himself as the keeper of the bow.

He fulfilled his desire to debut professionally, something he could not do in Cortuluá, Patriotas or La Equidad, a place where he did save, but in Under-20 competitions. In Guaraní, he managed to keep the goal in February 2021 against Olimpia, one of the vibrant games in the Paraguayan league. In the last match of the season, he saved a maximum penalty against Sportivo Luqueño.

After the departure of Gaspar Servio on loan to Rosario Central, Guaraní appointed Devis Vásquez as his undisputed goalkeeper for the 2022 season. Paraguayan. Since he made his debut in 2021 with the Paraguayan team, he has played in 31 games, scored 44 goals and left three unbeaten fences.

This is how Devis Vásquez says goodbye as a penalty saver at Club Guaraní, one of his great qualities. Perhaps what he never imagined is that 2023 would start loaded with excellent news. On his Instagram account, he posted a message that said, “You’ll see how you start the year by fulfilling that dream you’ve been waiting for so long.” Vásquez, in the absence of the signature, is already in Milan and hopes to train soon under the technical direction of Stefano Pioli.

His arrival was not on loan, and in keeping with AC Milan’s ideals, he is a forward-looking signing. He will have to fight for the position with Ciprian Tatarusanu and Marco Sportiello, goalkeeper who are also waiting for him in the coming days as a new hire. Mike Maignan, French goalkeeper, the undisputed starter will not be in parts of the season due to a severe injury. Finally, to complete a great beginning of the year, his stay in Paraguay was supervised by Néstor Lorenzo who would take him into account for the next processes of the Colombian National Team.

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